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strange power you have there anonymous

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Scrolling past the trolls...
Look kids, I've e-rp'ed with a few people. I mean really, any good book or story has emotional interests and low and behold people really do have sex. I've even had IRL physical relationships with players.
Prude or no prude, why are you a prude? Shy?
Whatever the reason just have a good time.
There is nothing else to it. And the trolls would be wise to remind anyone of that fact than the trolling attempt.
Its as if people forgot this is a discussion board.

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don't have the skill eh' ??

then I default it to strength with increased target numbers

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My word, do IQ's just drop suddenly?
Look, nothing wrong with a pony game.
I say GO FOR IT.
If anon doesn't like it, well he can rightly go fuck off.

In /tg/ there are games we like, games we prefer, games we enjoy, and games we hate.
But we post them all here, and talk about all of them in a non trolling manner. Even if the OP posts a troll image and we turn it into a discussion.
That's what we do here. You give us a topic, and we run off the rails with it. JUST like in a real game when the gm railroad trolls try to herd us along int he story, we derail it and go on our own tangents.

If at any point in time you don't agree with me, you can post so. But by continuously trying to force your opinions on the rest of us, you make yourself an ass.

Quit it.

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OP is a brilliant disguised troll.
Remember this gents. For no one saw it.

However, for serious discussions; See other story driven game systems like the oWoD series and envision your own damned back-story.
In all honesty, developing a back-story is self serving autoerotica to justify gary/marysu-ism.
No I know that this statement is not absolute, as there are some good back-stories out there that make interesting characters. However, I'm not talking about a good story to talk about your character. I'm talking about the self serving twits that like to have interesting things happen to their character to say LOL I HAVE HUGE ANUS, and justify it. In short, there is no fucking need.
Back stories aren't there to say why you have something, they're there to say; This is what happened to me and is my motivation to not be a stagnant lv1 villager. These reasons don't need to be exotic or very far fetched.
Just simple, personable, and reasonable.

Unless your playing FATAL...

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BG1: first time playing,, Ooh' there is some old dude in red clothes. Kill him for looties.

Your party was mauled by Elminster

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You should namefag, so we could know which one to hate more.
But I do have a question, "why in the bloody hell do you think your opinion is more valid than a conclusion that a conversation could actually produce?"

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Less of a bad DM moment and more we fucked up.

>We're just inside this huge temple.
>Some random half demon thing is telling us to be very very quiet so as not to alert the sentries to our presence (It's not friendly, it's already attacked us once, it's the whole enemy of my enemy thing)
>Wizard and barbarian promptly ignore his warning and start fucking shit up.
>It all goes predictably wrong when the content of about seven or eight encounters ploughs into us in one shot because of all the noise and slaughters us.
>DM sighs "I thought I'd put enough guys in there to convince you not to try a frontal attack"


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>Monstrously sexy
>Panty-melting sultry
>Implying you don't want to sleep with him.

One of these is not like the other...

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Meta thread. Reported

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>having no more than one song by satchmo
>spelling songs "song's"
I am now your enemy.

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