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Has anyone read/listened to Legion?
What did you think?
I personally liked it, not the strongest book but it was pretty cool.

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>He closed his eyes and thought of Rukhsana.

>It’s as if you see right into me. There was too much truth in that. His mind saw into everything. It made him think of the thing he tried never to think about: that day, long ago, meeting the Emperor, shaking his hand, tasting the power, and seeing, behind the glamour of that handsome, noble, healthy face, seeing…

>Just for a nanosecond.


>‘Are you quite well, sir?’ the bashaw asked. ‘You went rather pale all of a sudden. Is it motion sickness?’

>‘No. I’m fine. Absolutely fine,’ Grammaticus replied.

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You say that like Abnett has ever let us down.


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