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Holy shit

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>CQC Nid armies are dead
This was way too obvious.

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He says the Victorians called the basket hitled sword a broadsword because the width of the blade was wider than the swords (sabres) they were using at the time but mainly because they had a basket hilt. So other swords that had a basket hilt but had the same width as Victorian swords and were curved could be described as broadswords while medieval swords couldn't.
>medieval times descriptors were simple, literal modifiers of the term sword, so the literal interpretation is the one most faithful to a historical context.
That's only for the medieval times not for early modern times and especially the 19th century. Besides medieval people as he says rarely or never used the term "broadsword".

Basically people should stop using that term because it creates all this confusion.

pic related

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Kys baitposter.

If this is an actual desire for genuine discussion then go somewhere else.

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I'm sensing a theme.

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Fuck off back to legoland you intergalatic faggot OP

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go away

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You can fuck right off with your /pol/ shit

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>implying there are grills on 4chan
git out

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Now THAT'S fucking pathetic.

>get refuted
>cry "Medron!" when it has no relevance
I think I'll jerk off with your tears for lube as I chuckle at your lack of reading comprehension. If you choose to act like a childish sperg because I cite fluff and you can only fall back on an RPG character trait, power to you.

If irrationally crying Medron after citing the Periphery 1e like him was your desired endgame, well done, you baited me well.

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Go away

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Nice meme bro, you keep spewing about how much you love bugs and think bugs are superior and how 'everyone but stupid westerns eat bugs', but a quick google search reveals there is 7 billion people in the world, and 2 billion people regularly eat bugs.

The western world is not 5 billion people, last time I checked.

It's not a uniquely Western thing, lots of cultures out there don't eat bugs and the ones who do often did so out of necessity, mostly Africans and Thai. The real reason why people don't eat bugs commonly is because they don't want to, and most modern concerns and desires to switch to bug eating is not because its a superior food choice or because people want to, but its out of necessity once again because of the MASSIVE overpopulation problem this planet has, and traditional farming will not be sustainable in the coming years.

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I'm positive now that this shit is bait.

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Chaotic Evil is going against Nature/Law for the sole purpose of destroying things.

Sam had a purpose.
Revy wouldnt be opposed to doing good things.
Tyler Durden was destroying things to help people.

These are all shit examples.

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