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what is a better name for a new gang of medieval minority movers, the back knights or the black templar?

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And so what Knight concepts remain?

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What will we be defining prowess as doing for the Knights again? I'm doing one of their stats and need to know before I make any decisions.

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Eventually the country began succumbing to the mysterious plague and promptly rose back up again as the undead. Orbach revealed himself to be controlling his madness, stating that all who submitted themselves would be rewarded in undeath for their servitude and those who resisted would be massacred by his forces for their disobediance. And surprisingly, it worked. The whole kingdom, through sheer force and numbers, was taken over by the monsters and was gradually being then risen again from the dead to join Orbach's army. It seems that Orbach and the rest of his necromantic staff went into a kind of stasis for many years, leaving the hordes mindless within the country for nearly a hundred years. Without organization these undead never organized, and no real attack was made on the Voewl, so they were restrained to stay walking mindless throughout the once-prosperous Adria. The megalomaniac Archon Orbach thereafter rose from the dead achieving after near full lichdom through undisclosed means and took control of his many minions once more to go on one last eternal crusade to overtake the country, then the continent, then the world, to create an unliving paradise and skeletal utopia in his vision.

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This is how I black knight

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that be the left 'nad of vecna!

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So nothing is good enough for you? We are not even close to finding a realistic medieval combat system withing a game. Warband is as far as you will get.

Or just play Riddle of Steel. This is /tg/ after all.

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> Control F
> No Riddle of Steel

Cmon /tg/. I thought you were better than that.

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> Neutral Hungry

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Anybody want to share any humorous /tg/ related songs/videos?

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I'm just pointing out that they have a codex

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Hello there /tg/

Quick question. If I take the Combat Reflexes feat in 3.5 dnd, Can I make multiple attacks of opportunity on the same person or is it multiple targets?

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