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Bump for awesome draw-faggotry.

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Hahahah. Guess what the demo adventure is?

Seriously, go look up Final Sanction.

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So let me get this straight /tg/, Warhammer is set in a futuristic human empire where they began to eventually worship demons who wanted them as slaves and some random highly armed armada leader comes in and eradicates the demons and its worshipers, then crowned Emperor of mankind by the survivors, then creates clones and half turn on him, his body get's destroyed and sits on a giant golden throne, and now having lost the civil war the main demon lords want revenge and to succumb humanity to it's every whim?

I dunno /tg/, sounds like some weaboo shit to me.

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Maybe. I'll consider getting some 'stealers, but I won't put too much effort into it. Even if I do get some, I doubt I'll manage to get them before sunday, when I'm running the game. Then again it might (will probably) take more than one session to play, and they might not even run into 'stealers the first session.

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Its not out till august.

The only things out so far are a couple sample adventures and quickstart/demo rules.

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Perhaps a change of game is in order?

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Deathwatch has some pretty nice SM art.

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Fuck, how'd I miss this earlier?


Also, this adventure is insane.

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Undersells it, I say. They should be pure terror. Look at the Deathwatch preview. A team of between 4 and 6 marines takes on platoons of men and succeed.

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I'm hoping it'll be easy enough to make rules for other chapters. What we've seen in final sanction suggests it.

I've already got some ideas for Mentors and Salamanders.

BY THE WAY. I'm about to run the Final Sanction sampler on the suptg IRC if anyone wants to observe (Already got 6 players).

Join #Deathwatch and #Deathwatch_OOC

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"Deathwatch: Final Sanction" a sampler/demo of the game has been released, it contains cut-down rules, 6 pregens and a sample adventure. I've been wanting to run it for/with my group.

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Has anyone sat down and played through this yet? I know /tg/ dissected it ruthlessly but what about actually trying their hand at it?

If you've been living under a rock for the past few years; Deathwatch is an RPG where you play space marines. In the Deathwatch. Pic related is the preview/quickstart mission that came out on free RPG Day. Links below with delicious additional characters included.


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Annoyed that all the text and logos are part of the image, but what can you do?

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