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Not played in years, only painted and modelled, so I'm not too savvy on the rules, but here is my take on a infantry/battlesuit list at 1500pts

All drones


12 Fire Warriors

12 Fire Warriors

16 Kroot
Sniper rounds

6 Stealth Suits
2 Fusion Blasters
2 Shield Drones

3 Crisis Suits
All w. Plasma rifle, missile pod, shield gens

Ion accelerator
Velocity tracker
2 Shielded missile drones

Shield drone
Velocity tracker

High yield missile pod
Shield drone
Velocity tracker

1 point over. I know the shield gens on the crisis suits are really inefficient but I have modelled them that way and cba to rip them off and replace them with something else in favour of drones. My only other thought is to replace the Fireblade with an Ethereal.

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