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I ended up running the campaign from the back of the book.. it ended when the Heavy Gunner who referred to himself in third person blew up the refinery to kill the deamonically possessed psyker, who had given the ork driving the teams tank a heart attack putting him in a coma, had sent one player running screaming into the woods and had crippled the left arm of my sergeant who was based off the commander from Avatar but with a mustache.. so in other words definitely bring a psyker
>> pic related, it was how the orks sprung their final trap

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So, how about this? Whoever wants to be in charge can be an admin or moderator or whatever for the website. We can have nightly/weekly threads about a specific game and find a general consensus. If it's like the v's recommended games, we can rate them in green, yellow, red. Obviously, green is very good, yellow is good for some, and red just plain sucks to most.

Slowly but surely a general consensus can be found on these games and they can be added to the site.

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Adeptus Battlegrey-gamesworkshop
=~ Russian Uniform (924) Vallejo Model Color
=~ Reaper High Density Paint 29837 Armor Grey

they should be close, maybe not 100%, but you can add alittle blue or black depending to get it closer

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Does anybody have that image of the Eldar, there's a few of them and one is sitting in what looks like a fast hovercraft, while two others are walking away from it?

They're in ridiculous fashion (but they can pull the look). It was from RT........(the old one)

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i guess I list tailor. but we both knew what we were playing. He took shootas and loota spam with nob bikers and ghrazgul.

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OP here, throwing up these torrents just in case nobody googled them already. I'm unfamiliar with the file type in the second one. Anybody know how to open it?

Also, I'll look through and put up a link as to how I do my eyes, I gotta find it in my Email.

Pic unrelated, but hilarious...

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>who the f asks themselves if they are a good person? Are you under 10? Over 50? Regretting your life decisions in life?

"It reminds me that I have an income and that you, whoever you may be, are inferior to me."

Wouldn't he have greater net income because he is a pirate? Buying over priced shit, doesn't make you in any way better. sure it adds to your more value (As I'm sure you can pray away your gay) but your point is an oxymoron.

No need to walk away from your own argument. Especially when you have your girlfriend, rosey palms, typing for you right now, your mom almost has mac and cheese ready, and crying yourself to sleep to green day is overrated.

>" Because I am better than you. Fact."
Lol wut?

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Considering trying out an Ork army.

Something about them... maybe it's all the dakka.

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>Systems Running/Willing to Play or Learn
Any 40K
>Method of Contact
Skype: pr0ject.2501
Steam: Individual-11
>Time Zone
GMT -6
>Anything Else We Should Know
Experienced player in many other systems.

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I was also kinda wondering if I got tricked, it's like he already knew what was good for orks in 6th edition.

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Hey /tg/ I was wondering, What is good for an orks army in 6th edition? My buddy wants to start playing again, but he has no idea what units he should buy or use?

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I's is da'sneakiest!

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Ork allies?

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Well, admittedly, it'd probably work considering the setting.

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>intrinsically stupid
>because my opinion is objectively true

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of course they are

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>As for the green wash, do you think it pulls out the recessed details 'enough'?
For certain parts (the vents in the backpack, the inlaid rune) you might need more shading.. but that can be solved by carefully avoiding those places when you basecoat the green. (provided you undercoat in black). I'd also suggest painting the.. uh, "soft" armour (webbing? In the joints) a different colour BEFORE you apply the wash. If you do it afterwards there's a chance you'll get paint on the armour and potentially ruin your shading.

>I like the way you highlight your guys and would like to try to imitate it. How do you think I ought to do that?
One of the benefits of painting by the seat of my pants is that my highlighting is very organic. Mix in a bit of white and you have your highlighting colour. Highlight lightly with straight white afterwards for some "pop".

With a green base... I might be tempted to replace the White with a bright Yellow.. but the procedure (>>19832539
's image) is the same.

>Thanks, again.
I just wish I could give better advice. I'm all thumbs when it comes to explaining things through type.

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im Khorne fyi

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Best. Disguise.Ever.

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'nd ifn ya putz yer boyz on dat place where dey gonna krump or be krumped dey gonna krump dose gits twice as guud cause dey got dat dere killy place at dere baksies

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I'm using the term "playing pieces" broadly: I'm interested in your opinion on playing pieces for everything from Warhammer to Chess to board games.

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I'm going very top-down in that every unit is basically a chess piece.

If at all, there's going to be very few mechanics that use morale and state of mind.

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