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Hello everyone. I'm in a bit of pickle.
I've been invited to join a RT game yesterday, but I'm new to the system and the group will have their first session this very night.
I can catch up on the core fighting and skill usage mechanics rather quickly, but I'm absolutely puzzled as to how make a decent melee character. The GM suggested me Arch-Militant, but he's not really giving much help as to how to build it, and this is an online group, too, so my only option is to turn to you.
How can I make a character that fits the "distinguished gentleman that slices things in half with a power claymore" in RT, and still be combat viable? Yes, I'm really worried about being blown to pieces with a hit of plasma to the face or something, but I'm still enamoured of this concept.
Sadly other roles on the ship have been filled (it's a very sizeable group) so this leaves me with the Arch-Militant class.

I do realize this is basically asking to be spoonfed, but I'd not be asking if time wasn't tight.

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Surely there's something that exists out there?

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>>those clothes
Try harder, 40k.

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Hay /tg/!!!

How about a game finder thread?

>Anything 40K RPG
>Online for preference
>EST (GMT -5) time zone

Actually, I wouldn't mind running a game of Rogue Trader for the next couple hours if there might be players interested....

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The Afriel Strain: an attempt to create a more cost-effective super-soldier.

After all, Space Marines are expensive – very expensive. Their training takes something on the order of a decade, their genetic augmentations must be individually and hazardously implanted over a period of months to years, their arms, armour and materiel is some of the most specialised and expensive in the Imperium, and there’s only so much gene-stock to make new ones from in the first place.

So, reasoned the Magos Biologis, if genefixing and augmenting supersoldiers is so time-consuming and expensive, why not give the gene-therapy to just one person, and then clone the everloving arse out of them and whip yourself up a regiment in no time? And while you’re genefixing and cloning, you might as well scrounge up the best base stock you can get your hands on to start with. So they snagged the DNA of the most famous Lord Solar in history, old Macharius himself, amongst a handful of the rest of the Imperium’s all-time greats right out of the history books, and set to work on some good old-fashioned mad science.

Turns out they were right. The Afriel Strain project was a complete success. Genefixed clones came out with narry a hitch – if you don’t count the niggling issue that makes them all come out albino, that is, but when you’re building an army of genetically modified hero clones, skin pigmentation is an area you’re not too fussed about losing out on. Combat testing (including live fire and genuine deployment) went fantastically, the Strain’s regiments operated above and beyond Guard standard and showed every indication of carrying the party line of a regiment of peerless top-line fighters.

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He kind of is. He's not terribly wrong about a lot of the shit he talks about.. He's just really fucking obnoxious and retarded about the way he presents it all. Like, as if considering or taking the time to talk about various topics causes him great pain and turmoil in his life, when it doesn't.

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The Immaterium isn’t a conventional independent dimension. Thus, its inhabitants are similar – shadows and reflections that have come together in their own individual current, their own raincloud or gust. They are what happens when like attracts like in a realm made entirely of emotion – little storms of spite or possessiveness, currents of fear or love. They don’t have minds as we would understand them, but they can be singled out as distinct entities (much as we can single out air currents and name tornadoes, for example). These range from a stray breeze of jealousy all the way up to the mighty hurricanes that are the ‘big four’: the apocalyptic storms of anger, sadness, pleasure and hope that act as umbrellas for almost everything else. Within these umbrella emotions, we see all the other minor emotions scooped up, boiling together until we get the kind of pressure and force to form major storms – and these storms have gotten so big that the feedback loop between the Materium and Immaterium have made them self-propagating, feeding their own fuel, and the Warp’s nature as a realm of emotion and souls have given them the hunger to grow and multiply. Mortals, of course, happily interpret this as intelligence and design.

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