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A Warlock makes a Pact or Lasting Contract with a being classed as an Outsider by D&D's Planar standards. The Outsider takes the Warlocks soul through some varied means and replaces it with unstable Incarnum from it's own body. As this is the unspecified cosmic makeup of various outsiders which determines how they take form, Warlocks master disciplines known as invocations to warp these innate energies to their liking as a form of pseudo-magic. To note, the difference between a Warlock and a native outsider is that say, a Succubus is born with it's innate abilities, fresh out the oven, and in some cases, per depiction through the concept of Monster Class Templates in 3.5 We know these are gained over a short period of time until said Outsider is up to standards with it's base Statblock.

In 40k, that's the equivalent of becoming a Daemon Prince.

A Warlock, is- in effect, to the notion of his Patron- what Wizards are to the Arcane- to the very notion of Outsiders, beings who in generalization (Far Realm, Native outsiders and other rare exceptions to this excluded) are beings who have their Souls and Bodies in One single unit and express the natures of their homeworlds through native powers, personalities, and other such common-features.

A Warlock, takes this energy, and innovates it to his own ends, namely to become a unique Outsider-like or actual Outsider His/herself. Come many a year later, a Warlock may be an outsider of certain CR whose Warlock Disciplines are all but gone and are now Spell-like abilities and a natural Spellcasting ability to the equivalent of a Certain spellcasting class serving as equivalent CL. In effect, a Warlock takes what to an Outsider is as easy as breathing, and innovates it into something they can call their own that even the Outsider could not perform.

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Been wanting to make a setting with demons as a playable race or races. Basically Hell is a big place with various nation or tribe like factions, much like the mortal plane, and every now and then, somebody crosses over to conquer land, or raid, or settle, either to gain influence back home, expand territory, steal resources or get away out of there because Hell is quite literally a hellhole, where it sucks being the little guy. So you end up with actual demon settlements and even cross plane traders. Granted, demons are justifiably generalized and bad news and shifty types, but peaceful relations do happen.

Figure Heaven goes the same way, except they rarely raid or settle, seeing as Heaven is the shit to live in, and ventures to the mortal realm generally has to do with expanding political influence and possibly resources that aren't as common in Heaven.

Ventures to hell from the mortal plane and heaven are rarely about settlements, but mostly military campaigns, establishments of heavily fortified crusader states, trade missions and resource grabs.

Thought about prolonged stays in foreign planes affecting people. Demons in the mortal plane turning more grey and less ferocious as they adapt to a less fiery home. Fires to ash and smoke. Angels also turn less bright and lose some splendour when they stick around in mortal land for long periods. Still not sure going to the opposite affects either.

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So how would you play an evil character that just popped up on a paladin's alignment litmus test and has to face the fact that he's the bad guy?

Is it better to go all "MUAHAHAHAHA! So you've caught me!" cartoon supervillain, or maybe edgy fedora wearing nihilist "nuh uh, good and evil don't exist, you're just blindly following your god!"

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Hello /tg/!

I seem to recall a story about a small bullied alien. He then meets a human wich offers him a ciggarette. This cigarette gives him confidence, and he goes back to face his opressors. It ends with "And that day XXX breathed fire" or something.

Are any of you elegan/tg/entlemen in posession of this? I would be forever grateful.

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And what of your superiors? Would you accept their superiority over you and just continue to better yourself regardless?

And what of the demons themselves? I see no difference between demons and humans: both can be misguided and malicious; both can be noble and good. Are you really protecting the world from us or are you just protecting your petty gods from us?

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Look, as wizards we are always taught, that we must make new spells and continue to experiment with magic, until our deaths or even further. I thought and still think that traditional lichdom is outdated. The phylactery is a huge weakness. Now can you please tell me, how do I get back to my body?

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So she's Sauron? I mostly came for phylactery suggestions, and the book idea is an interesting one to consider.

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It's not too noblebright either considering it's written by White Wolf.

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>Entry Five: Dated the Twelfth of First Seed in the third year AA.

At last! I have arrived at my destination!

The Stronghold lies in ruins, but even in its desolation it is a magnificent sight, the tall central tower and the rooms surrounding its base still standing proudly against the seemingly endless wastes behind them. Such a fitting place for my ascension to power!

As soon as I arrived I set about exploring the standing ruins, discovering to my delight surviving bedchambers and a kitchen, though of course no food remained after so many years...

...jewel of my discovery were archives in the lower levels of the tower containing fragments of surviving texts describing the Lord's Ritual, with which the former king of this place, it was said, took the power of the Demons themselves for his own!

Forgive me, journal, I repeat myself in my excitement. Above the archives, in the last surviving room of the tower, now open to the sky, lies the key to the ritual- a massive summoning circle, cast in silver and brass, taking up the entire diameter of the tower. And, in its center, the key to it all- the Heart of an ancient demon, imprisoned in brass and lead, kept dormant by the power of the circle, but serving as a direct conduit to the powers of Hell...

...must rest now, though if I could I would start work immediately. I must still decode the ritual from what scraps remain. One step at a time. Though, with power so close at hand, it becomes difficult to wait...

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Shadowrun General? Shadowrun General.
Recently i was bit by a ghoul, i have 2 essence left though so even if i can't cure it i become a ghoul, how should i feel? I have cybereyes so i'm not worried about that.

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This is an extremely odd question, but here goes.

Barring the story behind this for it is a long and winding tale, how would I be able to justify an NPC lich in keeping his...male particulars? Gentle Repose can't be made permanent, as far as I'm aware.

So how do?

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