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I have no idea, but I'd imagine so. What I do know is he's been playing BFG ever since it started, and he's easily the best BFG player in the group, including the occasional guys that come in out of town to play once a month.

He's actually one of the guys I'm afraid of.

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Do you want to argue that building a small playable army cheap, getting lots of parts and models you actually build, then seeking help from a local store after undercoating and playing games from there is a bad idea?

Do you think buying two utterly crap, snapfit armies, blowing money on a set of paints and then fucking it all up is a better idea?

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People who take the 40k lore too seriously forget that it's full of possibilities. You can justify almost everything with 'The warp'. As long as you have some interesting backstory, people love it, the crazier the better.

My ork army dreams of being an Imperial Guard regiment. My Deathguard want to manifest Nurgle himself into the materium by collecting corpses and sowing them together. It's all about your themes and how they're represented in your models

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All the "HERPDERPORKSBELIEVEITMUSTBETRUE" fanboys should go out and read a book.

Preferably a non-/tg/ related one.

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I love hearing everyone's fluff for their armies, so tell me yours'!

My orks are called da Troofseekaz. They are lead by a mysterious Warphead that has his will imposed by a team of kommandos. The warphead knows the truth. Only in violence can the ork find inner peace. He uses his powers to predict where violence will be the thickest in the universe so he can take his boyz there.

Sometimes da nobz in the warband start throwing their weight around because their warlord is hardly ever seen. They are always horribly murdered in the middle of the night by the weirdboy's kommando-assassins. One Ordo Xenos inquisitor has theorized that the leader of the kommandos is the true leader of this warband, and that he just uses the warphead has a tool of fear.

Now let's hear yours', ya gitz!
pic not mine, but still savvy.

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I'm working on a Bad Moon warband. Led by a Weirdboy who has his will enforced by a group of kommandos. Some of da boyz are whispering that da boss of the kommandos is really in charge of things. We just know we don't want our heads exploded or our throats gashed. Someone kunnin is leading us to bloody good bovvers.

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pls respond

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you sir are much better at skin then I am, only thing I could say about the model is that everything looks so clean. I personally would hit it with a really light wash, but all in all the hilights are great and I like what you did to the end of the scope

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Hey /tg/ I have way too many armies and it is starting to catch up to me, but I'm not very good at judging how much I should want for my ork army right now so I'm gonna post what I got up here if you could would you mind glancing over it and seeing how much I should start the asking price at?

30 burnas
15 lootas
10 deffkoptas
1 metal deffdread
70 Boyz w/ hand weapons (65 boyz, 2 w/big shootas, 3 nobz)
3 bikes
21 nobz (10 from black reach, 2 warbosses from black reach, 9 new nobz)
13 stormboyz (5 new, 8 w/ converted jetpacks)
15 gretchin on sprue
3 meganobz(converted out of dreadnoughts)
1 painboy
1 forgeworld nob w/ flare gun
1 custom big mek w/ burna
1 zagstruck
1 looted land raider
1 semi converted shadow sword
1 truck on sprue
lots of bitz (both on and off the sprue)

anly a handful have been painted on, some have been primed, 80% are still bare plastic.

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I know this one isn't painted, but you can tell it's destined to be epic

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