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A Land Raider and a Rhino both have a carrying capacity of ten models.
Why can only the former carry Terminators and Chaos Lords on Palanquins if they both have the same carrying capacity?

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Hey can someone give me some advice. I have just started a mechanised blood angels army and I can't decide on what to equip my baal predators with?

I am also having trouble equipping the razorback. There are so many choices!

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Still, if it doesn't allow for a lot of posing a neutral pose is probably the best idea.

His sword arm looks a bit stiff but I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Think about it when posing future models though as the pose is just as important as the painting.

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I'm an Eldar player, so I am not forced to use an old 3rd edition or 2nd edition codex, but most people still consider it out of date. Heck you'll notice the second you try to build an army list that the current Eldar Codex was written in the 3rd edition style (which I actually prefer anyway, since I like having more options and not having all of my unit selections simplified for dummies and being forced to take useless wargear with fixed squad sizes). Being able to micromanage your unit construction and wargear selection in an Eldar army is pretty important, because many of your troops are extremely specialized.

The point is this: I still find the Eldar codex to be competitive, fun, and challenging to play. Am I afraid of the new Blood Angels Codex being overpowered? No. Will I lose a bunch of games against them at first? Yes. Will it get better after that? YES. I will learn and adapt. Do I lose to the Space Furries, the new IG and Nids? Yes, but not as much now as I did when those codexes were new. When I can put the right unit in the right place at the right time, the Eldar have such skilled specialists that they rape everything at their task. My list is built around offering a varied group of these specialist threats that overwhelm the enemy commander in trying to respond to it all. As a safeguard, I have plenty of generalized troops and redundancy to contain problems.

Are some units stronger now than they were in the past? Of course. Are they invulnerable? Hell no. I don't give a shit how tough your new Space Marines are, if I mow them down in CC with my Banshees after I assault with fleet and war shout. You got a Termi with one of the new assault cannons? Too bad, I just sniped him with my Farseer's Mind War after he got one turn of shooting.

tl;dr Stop being pussies and adapt your tactics. Angels deserve it for having their codex removed during 4th edition. This is their time to shine again.

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If I had to guess, probably something like this.

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