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>TFW xenos bitching

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>that entire post
>pic related

holy shite if you need a lovely warm hug-box you should seriously stop browsing 4chan

>I-I-I'll break into your house, i'm serious guys s-s-stop laughing
So whats your xbox nametag? Xx0psstnothingpersonalkid0xX?

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We're not better than you because we have magic powers, or wolf bits, or edgybloodraeg, or black skin, or creazy stealth skills, or really big fists (except one dude, but he's not even yellow)

We're better than you because we try harder.

Deal with it.

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Brother, that is like trying to enjoy the entire Star Wars series (prequels and all). I understand that you want the whole package but to be very blunt, youre nobody. Not trying to be offensive, just pointing out that out of all the people GW tries to please, one person's opinion means about as much as a fart in a hurricane.

They cannot please everyone. People have differing opinions. We just had a discussion about the Ultramarines in the HH series. Many of the pro-ultras despised how they are shown while many of the anti-ultras learned at least a grudging respect for them.

Expecting the world to cater to your desires will only lead you to disappointment.

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>Also unlike the Imperium the Tau are working hard to solve the faults of their weapons and make them safer. So I guess that makes the Tau considerably less idiotic.

>Tau haven't been fucked up by all the dumb shit the imperium's been subjected to.

>Dat feel when the tau AI goes crazy and kills everything because the Tau rely on AI far to much

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So I just got done with a game over Vassal, playing my Ultramarines against Eldar/Dark Eldar. 1850 points, Vanguard Strike, The Relic.

Won 3-0 on Secondary objectives after wiping out all his scoring troops and getting First Blood, Warlord, and Linebreaker.

My list:

Calgar /w Fancy Terminator Armor (in pod with Tac squad)

2x Tac Squad
-10 doodz, Gravgun, Combi-Grav, Drop Pod

Tac Squad
-8 doodz, Gravgun, Combi-Grav, Drop Pod (Calgar went here)

Scout Squad
-7 doodz, Snipers, Cloaks

2x Terminator squad /w Cyclone Missiles

2x Stormtalons with Skyhammer Missiles

2x Thunderfire Cannons

His List:

ML3 Bikeseer, Shard of Anaris, some other stuff I think

Autarch with Fusion Gun, Laser Lance, Mantle of the Laughing God

2x Guardian Bike squads

Haemonculus with Liquifier gun

2x Wrack squads in Venoms

Big squad of Reaver jetbikes (Farseer went here)

2x Hemlock Wraithfighters
1x Crimson Hunter
1x DE Flyer with a bunch of missiles and shit

Dropped 2 Tac squads on the objective turn 1, then the other Tac squad and both Termie squads on turn 2. Basically turned it in to a giant meatgrinder. Stormtalons did almost nothing, failing to kill a single one of his flyers. His Reaver bikes zoomed past me and assaulted my Thunderfire, and the Techmarine fought them for a full 4 turns before killing them to the last man.

Calgar and the Termies (who he joined on turn 3 after his Tac squad got wiped out) marched in to his deployment zone and crushed both Ranger squads and a Bike squad, thus killing all his scoring units by the end of turn 4.

The best part of it all? I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO USE MY CHAPTER TACTICS, EVER. Calgar is so good at tactics he doesn't even NEED tactics.

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Party on Ultrabro, party on. Not even the internet hate engine can keep us down.

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>Glorious Loyalist Marines get rules for every First Founding Chapter, plus Templars just for kicks
>Chaos gets nothing and a derpy Black Legion supplement

You mad, traitor scum?

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They're already, playing non-erotic RPG's in a timely fashion ,in my head, and you cannot stop me!


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Wait, so you guys are butthurt over GW copyrighting a term everybody uses but then can't find a single example of it being used?

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I'll do one more bump if no one responds after this.

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The Codex Astartes calls the maneuver, 'the strut'

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>Why does GW say Ultramarines are the best, they never do anything, they suck!

>What, Ultramarines did something AGAIN? Fuck you, GW, and fuck the Ultramarines.

Make up your minds, /tg/.

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>The Ultramarines are a byword for loyalty and courage, their martial prowess is legendary and is second only to the God-Emperor.
- Ultramarines omnibus

>While the Emperor had chastised the Word Bearers, they watched with jealous hearts as he championed the Ultramarines as his finest warriors.
- Index Astartes: Word Bearers

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>Killed half his legion in a retarded rampage into an obvious trap
>all this after losing a shouting match against Girlyman

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>Through injury and death, the Ultramarines could muster little more than half their initial strength [...] Tigurius and Agrippan were forced to acknowledge that Damnos was lost.

>Drop Pods and boarding torpedoes could not penetrate the World Engine's shields, and teleport beams targeted onto its surface lost all coherency. After two full Terminator squads from the Invaders Chapter were lost in this manner, further attempts were forbidden.

>895.M41 Craftworld Alaitoc launches a devastating attack on the Invaders’ Chapter Planet. With the Invaders still under strength following their assault on Idharae they are quickly overcome. Though three companies escape the disaster, the fortress-monastery is lost. The Invaders are thereafter a spacebound Chapter.

>960.M41 The Red Corsairs and their allies assault the Marines Errant fortress monastery and plunder the loyalist Chapter’s supplies of gene-seed.

>970.M41 The Emperor’s Swords Chapter is wiped out to the last man when a Necron Tomb stirs to life in the caverns of their Chapter Planet, Bellicas.

- Codex: Space Marines

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Why don't you have a black or homossexual player in your weekly role-playing sessions?

Are you a homophobic racist or something?

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WD346 (posted above):
>With a few fringe exceptions who have severe mutations (Blood Angels) or stolid stubbornness (Space Wolves and Dark Angels), all Space Marine Chapters want to be like the Ultramarines and recognise Marneus Calgar as their spiritual liege.

Space Marine codex:
>These Chapters maintain their own traditions, as is to be expected, for the Codex Astartes insists that each Chapter should have its own name, badge and heraldry. Nonetheless, they honour Roboute Guilliman as Primarch and his successor, the ruler of Ultramar, as their distant liege.

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>"This is me... not giving a fuck," you say. "Exhibit A, me," you say, tapping your chest. "Exhibit B," you point at your empty palm, "a complete lack of fucks."

Ah, MC, back in prime form!

Let's try to TRIANGULATE without Sanya.

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>this thread

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Have you played 40K with a system other than GW's? How did it go?

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