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pump out whatever strikes your fancy.
skim the fluff, see what tickles you and go with it. good ideas will be stolen, bad ideas mocked or ignored.

>would quietly float the idea that non-augment tech, armors, guns, hulking APC chassis with CSC harddocks and tiny little arms inside the cabin to make expressive gestures, etc and so forth would be welcome.

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Well done. Is there a source for this, or shall i simply beg until more is produced?

NUtopia hungers for fiction to fill the chilly void where mechanics should reside.

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thread live!

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>it was hours before they found the stunned Delver, every interface channel, U-Dlink blasting out the viral advertising payload.

>Rookie Mistake.
>Kid will be shaken up for a few days, plus weeks of scrubbing his systems for little corrupted nodules of code promising
>"the hottest necrololibeastialincestuos smut that can be simmed" and a host of other torments.

>Give me good clean killer IC any day over that corrupt viral trash. The script-kiddies and their evolving algorithms left a scary legacy.

/nutopia hijack

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i saw a bit more from him iirc, but missed getting it archived.

Try firing off a Dyad report thread at a more happenin' time here on TG and DYAD op might surface.

>and anyone who has mechanical ideas for NUtopia, just lemme know

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sounds like we mostly got better at making computers that could Seem to be intelligent.

If your digital assistant program can figure out what you want to watch on tv 70% correct, you would think is was clever. If it had a library of comments, in-jokes you like and attentive noises for use in 'conversation' you would forgive that 30% error, move past clever into almost human. The fact that it is just running a strong filter through all the input and choices you give it using a clever analysis program instead of "sentience" would be less important.

"expert" systems easy, "true" AI hard-impossible.

Also.. NUtopia. Space was for science and the ultra-rich. Ever since the.. um.. unfortunate events that catalysed the birth of a new human age we have been largely leaving space alone. A micro-sat here, a suborbital skimmer there perhaps, but little else.

still liking the concepts in this thread.

Our undiscovered world is this world. Our race is the human race.

>name for the proto-setting with humanity struggling with itself far from a used-up earth.

I guess Deadspace is already taken. BlackSkies, Void

Lytic Phase? (where the infected cell bursts, releasing all the new viruses to infect other cells. Like a planet being used up and abandoned)

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/tg/ made me a happier person, filled with creativity.

Sure, its hard to follow through with all the ideas, but it sure is Fun!

Also, an earlier thread introduced me to steampunk porn, a concept that had never truly been processed by my mind. And i think i am the better for it.

>him- batemacy
and the recent addition of captcha has sparked its own mental exercise.

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well, if we had a chance to see the bones of this edison-polished system i am sure there would be interest...?

Currently up to my elbows in NUtopia. First an adaption, it seems more and more likely that we are building a new system underneath. At least to get it off the ground and stable enough to port out into other welcoming systems.

this is truly the eclipse phase.. we are trying to complete an infected cell and help it grow up strong.. and then rupture to flood the RPG bloodstream with invasive machines designed to chemically grasp its new prey and inject the memetic payload.

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Hey there!
If you are fluent with the rules, consider retreading instead of abandoning!

Welcome to NUtopia, an experiment in Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk.


I mean, there are missing bits, lots of them.. lots and lots and lots, but grab a double-handfull of fluff and enjoy it..

and then please, please let us know what is dumb and what is ok? share the tables that you eventually worked out, that kind of thing.

DH was the first system we were trying to design for.. it just has not gone far yet.

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