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>Want to build small SW force to ally with my First Angels
>Want a Speaker of the Dead leading Deathsworn
>All with orange mohawks full Dorf Slayer style
>No real way to do this and small
Further proof that the VIth are just 5 mistakes short of being a real legion.

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Love this dick waving competition. Let's keep it up!

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I am going to pick you dark vengeance this weekend for the dark angels, what would you recommend I pick up next was thinking about more terminators maybe a devastator squad or some rhinos

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wolf vs. lion

at least the lion isn't covered in fur, lion imagery and claws

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>no Dark Angels
Want to say that again, wolf?

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Too hot to handle, too cold to hold.

But that's what makes them great.

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>Space Wolf and Dark Angel competing on Mountain kills
>Dark Angel parries Mountain's sword into another Mountain's neck, twists sideways so a third Mountain skewers the first, casually beheads him with a riposte
>That still only counts as one

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>A chance he got because Horus was shitting himself that Ultramarines were coming.
But it wasn't. It was Viking Primarch Killer the Wolfy Wolfson, Sir Monster Hunter Tarzan, and their associated associates.

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>In Fluff we got pissed that Grimnar was voted head of the Astartes Forces and did our own thing centered around Caliban
>IRL the guy who was doing most of the coordination for a huge portion of the dark angels players had his computer fried when the NE power grid went down
>We kind of just fucked off to protect the motherland after our liaison vanished
Moredakka it was not. But at least we got Caliban from 50% to 100% Imperial control.

>Play in a deathwatch campaign
>Our de facto leader used Ultramrine rules

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They just released wood elves. Chill.

>just because the gate of morkai predicts who would be a traitor and slays him.
To be fair, if the Gate of Morkai is the same as it was in King's books it's just the fucking Rune Priests mind raping ever recruit in turn.

Ragnar almost failed because of muh vengeance muh clan

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>sw and da battle brother buddy cop army.

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As a man who plays Space Wolves, I'm forced to agree.

1st Legion, 1st Army, 1st Love

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>So Tactical marines gained heavy flamers but lost plasma cannons and lascannons. Is this a good exchange?
Bout time. Sure feels 1st Legion again. Rest of you posers can keep being too poor to afford 100's or Terminator Suits and extra Plasma Cannons.

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I just hope that the new Marine codex Razorbacks aren't cheaper than the ones in Dark Angels Codex. I really don't want to switch from DA to SM, but I'll do it if there's much to be gained from it.

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You can play them, but try not to go overboard on the bikes. Rockets still oneshot them just like they oneshot normal marines (the 5+ jink won't save you most of the time).
Normal bike squads don't really excel at anything, the only positive thing that I can think is that they can work as a pretty mobile anti-tank when equipped with two meltaguns and maybe a combi-melta, but the codex has some other options to deal with vehicles.

I've been looking to get some Ravenwing Black Knights lately, as they cost the same as a normal biker with a plasmagun and come with superior equipment (better jink & ignore dangerous terrain, TL plasmaguns, S5 rending in melee, hit'n'run, four attacks on charge, ravenwing grenade launcher).

If you want to try something, give the Black Knights a go, that's what I'll be doing.

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Anyone reccomend any decent forums or blogs they follow for 40k/WFB?

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I'd love to see you say that to Johnson's face.


I would give anything to cave in Cypher's skull with my thunderhammer.

I liked them too. 4 was a disgrace and abomination though.

: (

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We kept it simple, giving the Daemons their own turn. There wasn't many until around turn 5, when there was about 5 or 6 squads of Bloodletters and 2 Bloodthirsters running around.

The scenario had the orks occupying a chaos tainted space station, and my Claws executing a boarding action. The game was played with a simplified version of FW's boarding assault mission.

The more models who died, the more daemons could potentially turn up. Turn 1 and 2 had about 20 odd Bloodletters in two squads running around.. and it just got out of control quickly. In an epic way mind you.

DM turns though can simply be a third player turn, or they can act during player turns. I prefer both methods, they lead to interesting situations and make the game less sterile.

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Hey /tg/ how's it going?

I am getting a Death Wing army of 36 terminators with all their attachments and what not.

Never played Dark Angels.
What should I expect?
What are the Do's and Don't's

Is their a competitive way to play them with Termies only? Even if just locally?

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We don't make speeches or partake in witty banter; come at me, traitorspawn.

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so which 6th ed. codex does /tg/ think is coming out next?

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ok /tg/ i've been pondering this for a while now and im asking now. if 40k were to be adapted for the screen how(in your own opinion) would you see it done. as live action, 2d animation, cgi animation, hybrid live action cgi? would you see it as a multi volume mini series, as traditional t.v, as a movie? there are so many stories that could be adapted well with the right studio backing, who would you entrust with this lore?

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