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Dear /tg/, I want so start playing TableTop Games. *laughter in the audience*
But honestly I have no idea where to start.
First of all, I am interested in (non spaceship) sci-fi tabletops.
The ones I found out, are:
- WH40k
- Dust Tactics
- AT-43

Wh40k is a cool setting, and I'm gonna let you finish, but it's a huge thing to start with and somehow I don't like the miniatures. I'll elaborate that later.

Dust Tactics: con: Not a "real" tabletop. Setting is ... meh. I don't like the "tanks on legs"
pro: Rather nice minis

AT-43: Publisher is bankrupt, which is good (cheap) and bad (availability), I LOVE the miniatures, but only from the first 3 races. Space apes, wtf?

About the minis:
I like those: http://cache.io9.com/assets/resources/2008/02/UN_fig_1024.jpg
And dislike those: http://www.thk-design.de/uploads/pics/tabletop1.jpg

I can't really put it to words, the ones I dislike look to... "round"? The heads are too big.
Due to my inexperience I don't know if that's merely a painting issue, the colors, or a problem with the minis themselves.

Also there is the point of fellow players.
Games like Dust Tactics or the pre-painted AT-43 would be better for starting with my friends, because they have no experience with TTG.

What do you think?

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