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>they think selling physical only will reduce piracy
further proof the company is run by people with room temperature IQs

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>Catches the weapon not the arm
If that was a proper choppa he'd have lost his hand. Also Orks are football hooligans not antifa and hooligans are significantly more dangerous.

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>GW treats Orks like crap
>Instead of fixing this they should scrap them as a faction and focus on creating an entirely new army based on this obscure ayy lmao species I read about in an out-of-print RPG book

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>and insinuates they shouldn't be paid.
u wot

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Updated minis when?

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>The Beast series
we don't talk about that.

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I've got an idea! What if we take squads of ten nobz and throw them at the enemy!

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>not confirmed but it's probably why they are coming from outside of ours

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Boss! Oi foinally made it past da stripey bear an ya wuddun believe wot da oomies as on ere! Lodsa picturs ov us stickin our dangliez in ta eldar gubbinz! Wotz all dat about?

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Anti-tank mines have their explosive charges shaped to increase armor penetration and carry much more powerful explosives than normal mines.
Mines are so effective against tanks that the only defense real tanks have against anti-tank mines is clearing the field beforehand.

Even if your imaginary tank is too huge to be destroyed by mines, its at least guaranteed to destroy its tracks.

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No it isnt, you are thinking of the "Boomgun" from the 4th edition codex
36' Str8 AP3 Ord1 Large Blast

That feel when you realize they even nerfed the Looted Wagon

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>mfw you responded to the guy getting your Ork box

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>15 that doesnt sound right
>check muh ork codex
>assumed he just mistyped
>orkz apparently pay more for their powerfists

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>playing orkz for the first time
>dump my boyz out of their trukk
>friends got 3 models left in my friends company command squad
>sammich it between two squads of boyz
>60 dice, 10 powerklaws
>deal ONE wound
>he wins combat and sweeping advances me

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I hope they have a solution for next week, I don't want to lose to that non-board /wg/.

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look at >>38585405
he deleted it

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>7 foot tall warriors
>reproduce asexually

>mfw amazons are Orks

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I can see it, but do orks get obsessed with revenge? I see a space marine on a doomed quest for vengeance and redemption against the chaos warlord that killed his squad slash chapter, but an ork who lost his warband? I dunno.

Also, a super literal space marine among the band of money hungry humans and abhumans? The over the head line? Totally space marine over ork.

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Uhh, boss? Da punies at dat der puny board ar sayin dey are jus as Orky as us! Iz say we go giv em a good stompin!

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I believe he was speaking of a corn like substance

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