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>and he'll snap that hobgoblin's are just big stupid goblins.

He's not much of a rules lawyer if he thinks that. According to the 5e MM, the hobgoblin's Intelligence is 10, which not only is the same as a goblin's, it's also the same as a bog-standard human's.

Meaning default goblins and hobgoblins are as intelligent as humans on average. They're not "stupid". That's actually the POINT of default hobgoblins: they're intelligent, strong, and organized.

BUT I take your point otherwise - your game, your world, your hobgoblins, your rules. Just, something you might want to point out to him next time, perhaps while smiling and resting your head in your hand and inviting him to look it up himself if he doesn't believe you.

Bonus points if you're wearing a tophat and purple suit at the time.

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>That entire post
Hey Virt, how long have you been on?

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>MFW both of those Drow appeal to opposite ends of my fetish

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>You actually believe that he was responding to my meme with a meme

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I think they're untrustworthy schemers.
Rat bastards if you will.

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Okay anon, you had us going, but just by saying you don't know who Virt is just narrowed down who you are to two possibilities. You're either
>A newfag
Only two options, and judging by how much detail you went into about your "in-depth and engaging campaigns" and how you spent "12 years honing my craft" like some autistic weeaboo who studied "The Blade", your campaigns are probably low quality, generic pieces of shit, and you hadn't actually had a player in 11 years. Basically, you're a spurdo.
I'm right on the nose with my little analysis, aren't I?

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>obvious weak sauce bait thread
>mfw everyone, including me, is munching on it in current year

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