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>It's past midnight and you can still hear the sound of Leman's drinking emanate from the lower parts of the citadel, his booming laughter echoing out across the bay and back again.
>You've been playing chess with one of the elder nobles for a time, enjoying the tales of his grandchildren.
>He yawns and you take the opportunity to bid the noble goodnight.
>Horus follows you, his long strides bringing him to your side in mere moments.
>He follows too close behind you up the stairs, and too close again down the hall. By the time you reach the door to your suite he's breathing down your neck.
>You pause at the door, barring him from entry.
>He hasn't said a word since you left the gathering, and now he's so close that you can smell the fine musk of smoke and thunder that that follows him like a cloak everywhere he goes.
>You feel strangely small standing between the door and his bulk; he's always been bigger than you, a titan among giants.
>He leans up and over you as you stand stiff-backed and in his way. He pushes the door open like it's an offering.
>"Do I have to thrust you through?" he asks after a few moments of silence.
>You can't see his face, but you're sure he's grinning. "...Or are you looking for something different?"
>"I could use a bath," you say, warring with yourself in order to remain calm.
>"I think..." he places his hand along the small of your back, right below where your wings start to emerge and gently guides you to look left.
>"...that the facilities are over there. I'll get a servant to bring you something clean."

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I looked and I believe this is the only HorusxSang fiction out there.

I'm sad.

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Might I suggest making a page on 1d4chan and finishing it there? Or in a new thread if this one's archived.

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