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Sword to Bale's face

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I am not here for your thanks.

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guys, uhh... guys! Look at the kissy face he is making!

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Sup /tg/. Just got through the Dawn of War campaign and I can't help but wonder one thing: Why is the Imperium so retarded?

>Eldar tell the humans not to do something
>They ignore them and do it anyway
>Bad stuff happens
>Rinse and repeat

It would be one day thing if it just happened every now and then but it was often enough to be noticeable and every single time the Imperium would go full retard and end up causing more grief than good. Then instead of reflecting on their actions and thinking "Gee, maybe we were wrong" they just shoot bullets at the problem until it goes away and then proceed to do the same thing all over again showing that they didn't learn a damn thing.

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