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Surprised that this hasn't been posted yet.

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Kriegers wouldn't sing. They're basically machines, they have no need for such "human" things.

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Warning: Ends with Krieg porn, which is as unpleasant as it sounds.

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This better?

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i think the best way to describe it is the last post in this cap.

These folks don't fall in love, they don't really interact with humans or other temples really
they are barely even human

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relevant, imma post this
though i should say
>getting mad a BL for being shit
come the fuck on

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Forgot pic

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Hi /tg/ i wanted to know if there is any book on the poin of view of a soldier of the DKK since i'm new at the universe i find very intersting this kind of soldier.
can anyone tell me if theres any?
like this one pic related

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So the other night I had my first ever game of only war. The premise of this game is mixed regiment unit which has formed after what the commissars call a semi successful assault on a city (several decimated regiments were reformed into squads which are now trapped behind enemy lines having demolished a tactically important enemy building) and are now moving into guerrilla warfare. The premise was partly inspired by the attached and I am playing Krieg quartermaster. There a few situations I am wondering how to RP some of which have come up and some of which may at some point.

One of the party is a stickler for regs - how does a quartermaster respond to someone claiming looting is against regulations. I already have the wasting ammo section of the guard primer on P9, is there anything else?
Not just looting fallen comrades but the mission is a rebelling imperial world. How would a quartermaster have dealt with a fallen enemies weapons during the early stages of the siege of Vraks? Would they have repurposed the rebels weapons or abandoned them. I am using early stages of Vraks as an example as currently the world just appears to be rebelling, there are no xeno/chaos signes.
How would a krieger react to being given medals or other praise for bravery? I know the DKoK don’t award medals, but how would one respond to being given one?
How would a quarter master deal with refusal to hand over an empty las pack for recharging. In this case as we are from different regiments the trouper believes that I am not authorised to recharge his las pack?

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>kreig = people
read this to know how to kreig

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Inquisitors take what they want from what they have from nearby planet's PDF units or from a schola.
What on Holy Terra makes you think anything in the Imperium is standardized? The Munitorum would have entire planets worth of bureaucrats committing suicide after the downsizing, at least they would live long enough to see their dream realized.

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Individual Kriegers still have their own personalities. They're not all robots like everyone wants to say.

This is still a beautiful interpretation of Kriegers, but it goes too far in the other direction. You can't completely kill personality.

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Fucking yes this!

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>Life of a Krieger

Here's one writebro's take on krieger childhood

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Anonymous delivers.

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Emotionless characters are pretty fun when the other characters around them make up for it.
I main a Krieger in DH. The rest of the party attempts to humanize him to no avail.

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That means you played him correctly.

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got it

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