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I will sell you this fine starship trooper model, which I undoubtedly own and am at liberty to sell, for the mere price of 2,000 yen.

Marvel at the expertly painted power armor wrapped snugly about his human frame, and the fine assault rifle he holds so delicately in his human mouth. You would be losing money, sir, to not purchase this fine figurine.

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We have reached consensus. This concentration of Biomatter is appropriate for absorbtion into the Hive Fleet.

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Privateer Press loving traitor here; how have the Legion faired with the 6e shakeup? Being nerfed so brutally with the last codex

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Is there any animal living or extinct that could take a carnifex? If not how low down the tyranid chain do you have to go before some earth animal could be in with a chance?

Could a tiger take a hormagaunt? Could a bear? How about dinosaurs, would a t-rex stack against a lictor? Would a mastodon?

For the purposes of this imagine the fex/other nids have no ranged weapons and that they are battling on an open field.

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Your necron strategy seems good. I heard the same thing regarding monoliths. Just ignore them and fight other things. What's Phase Out?

I also heard good things about the Hive Guard of all things. Especially in an anti vehicle role? I'd probably pick them up later, because they really seem only useful in higher point games.

Okay, this should be interesting. Any resources for picture tutorials on making modifications? I would hate to fuck it up.

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