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How do we fix the Orks?

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Do you mean the War of Dakka?

Good. Then you should know that by the end of the 41K the Tau have contained and dealt with the Orkish and Tyranid threats, and have pushed forth into Imperial territory.

This could mean that Grog's head is resting as a trophy in Farsight's command room, or the Genesis and Ultramarine chapters have dealt with him.

The Orks are problematic, indeed, however they are not the greatest threat the Empire faces. They are just periodic annoyance. Pests and weeds to be exterminated.

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I can't believe were having a discussion about a race being "good" in WH40k. Its a GRIMDARK setting! Everyone is in it for their own benefit, that is it that is ALL!
If humanity has enough problems being alturistic with itself can you imagine any sort of culture that would look out for the good of everybody?

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Whatca looken at ya poncy git!

Yoz just jealouz da Orkz ar better than yoz in maken friends!

Datz what ya get for being a snob Haaar Haaar

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So an Ork will grow in proportion to how much authority it wields.

How large would one grow if it were to be the Warboss of more Orkz then usual?

Say for instance all of them.

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