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>cute pictures aren't new
I never said that you fucking dunce.
>why do you care
Because it's the same fucking pictures, the same empty posts, the same wasted fucking space.

At least someone might feasibly use the dumb pictures I post.

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>Slaanesh is a man.

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slaanesh after checking your dick out

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>Find group through local store's messageboards
>Sit in on a session of Dark Heresy over maptools
>Group led by rank 1 inquisitor
>Psykers don't need to roll for perils ever and aren't hated
>Chaos demons repelled by imperial aquila
>Group fights three bloodletters and wins, at rank 1

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>It's like watching a porno where the actress calls you a dirty pervert for watching.

I really wish I didn't already know that's actually a thing...

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>Slowly crushing the head of a loyalist rebel on a chaos world as a Spice Mehhhruuhn, trying to make him confess to being a heretic
>He wasn't
>Neither was anyone else
>"We have to be sure!"
>Crush 15+ loyal, throne fearing heads under my boots
>Floor totally souked with blood, skull fragments and brain matter at this point
>Force one dude to eat it at gun point
>He blacks out halfway through
>Have our Apothecary remove his limbs, eyes, ears and sew his mouth shut
>Implant a BOMB in his chest, that's rigged to go off if he moves

Needless to say we turned to Slaanesh shortly afterwards

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Purple + Gold vs Black + Pink
Which is better?

I for one think Purple and Gold

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Yah, I expected as much
>using second primary FOC
Sorry, but I'm still kinda new and only grasp what I'm talking about

What does that stand for?
Also, all dat Khorne, but that's ok, I like Khorne too, and plan on making a army around him later, but I first want my slaanesh army

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This seems like a good place to ask

So, a friend and I are interested in starting WH40K tabletop, but neither of us want the armies in black reach, and with the 6th coming out, we decided to skip that and just start making our armies.

Now, we won't we dumping to much money into it right away, so we're gonna go with the advice of just get an HQ and 2 troop choices then get some transports some point in time and just slowly build our armies.

Now, I want to play SoB, Tau, or Chaos mainly, I'm not interested in what's "good" or "top tier" these are just my favorite, and he wants to play GK. So I'm left wondering, which army should I start with and what should I purchase first, any opinions?

I'm leaning towards sisters, but with them being pretty all metal and more expensive, I'm not sure

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We were playing a quick 1500ish game on this lazy Sunday afternoon. I was getting really lucky with my rolls and was obviously going to win. Then it happened. I don't know what caused it. Perhaps he was coming down with the flu or maybe he was just really nervous and sad that he was losing or something (the latter I doubt since he's always been a good sport). Right before I was about to roll to hit his CCS, he throws up all over the table. I mean he fucking sprays it. My army and coat are coated in Lunchables and Pepsi. My god it was horrible.

Everyone freaks out, he's crying, etc. We wash up a little and his mom is called, all the while he's bawling in the corner. I get my shit and left to go burn everything I've ever owned, so I don't know what happened after (and I never asked). I haven't seen him in the store since then, so I assume he just never came back. I really feel sorry for him too, I doubt he'll ever go back to that store (at least anytime soon).

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Whenever I see that picture, I imagine the plates over her vagina to spring forward to reveal a giant gaping mouth. Then, her breast plates launch those Lictor Barbs and stab you while pulling you into the great maw that is her nether region.

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>This thread

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Do the eldar behave like an ancient and completely alien species in that book? like a dying race of once proud people with a lifestyle and behaviour completely different from any "21st century human stereotipe"?(read Dan abnett for more information about this)
Are they actually creatures that spend decades and decades perfectioning their skills to inhuman levels thanks to their superior biology and mind? Is their behaviour far more complex than the ones they call "monkeys"? Does their society reflects the martial life style and rigid autocontrol they have imposed over their own people to survive? Do they actually see the rest of the sapient species as animals?

give me a fucking eldar book in which they have all that and then we will talk, i dont want to read a book about "humans with pointy ears"

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Would I be pushing it if I said I want to see some hot dreadnought on wraithlord shenanigans?

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