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If you guys can't think of ways to create interesting missions and adventures for Deathwatch well...

I can thinking several ideas that aren't just out and out combat fests. Sure combat is a central theme of Deathwatch, but that doesn't mean that has to be all it is.


Honestly I don't think it'll be TOO hard to make custom chapters, a Marine's chapter only makes up one fourth of his available skills to purchase from each rank. Each killteam member selects skills from 4 different selections: Chapter (skills/talents specific to their chapter), Codex (skills/talents common to all space marines), Deathwatch Training (self-explanatory), and Specialization (for you Apothecary abilities, or Devastator skills, etc).

And judging from the Devastator preview, and how many skills/talents DH/RT characters get to pick from each rank, each individual slice is going to be rather small. Pic related, the first two ranks of skills/talents available to a Devastator.

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Unlike DH/RT where each player has only one shopping list of skills to buy from (Adept Rank 3, Guardsman Rank 6, Void Master Rank 2, etc) a Marine character has 4 different advancement lists:

Space Marine (common to all characters)
Deathwatch Training (common to all characters)
Chapter (your chapter's abilities, eg: UItramarine, Space Wolf)
Specialty (your classes abilities, eg: Devastator, Apothecary)

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