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The father of Lucas, from Mother 3, also known as Earthbound 2.

It wasn't available in English for the longest time, but a fistful of guys got together and translated that bitch. Pretty faithful to the Earthbound tradition of goofiness, in my opinion.

You should try it.

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Ness was the most Gary Stu out of all the Mother protagonists.

>Psychic powers
>Father heaps money all over him
>BBEG was specifically out to kill him
>No real flaws

Compare to Ninten, who had asthma, and Lucas' crybaby tendencies that actually had an in-game effect in the final fight.

Of course, I can't be objective about it because Lucas holds a special place in my heart. He didn't get the girl, he lost his mother in a horrible tragedy, and he was struggling to just get the remains of his family back throughout the entire thing. Saving the world was just something that was happening in the background.

And even in the end, after all the blood and sweat and tears were shed on so many battlefields across the world, he still didn't manage to make it happen.

He gave it his best shot, and only ended up saving the world from a bully that went mad with power.

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