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How's your wife doing? I remember spunking up her beans lad.

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>Make Chaos, the most antagonistic faction of them all, the big bad with most power
>Be surprised when the small players who all have reasons to hate Chaos gang up on them.

Well what did you expect to happen?

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>thinks accusing someone of being of X-label or Y-fandom constitutes an arguement
>can't even defend their shit tastes so they have resort to ad hominems immediately

Look at all these newfags pretending to be ebin 4chin Hackers XDDD! My my Is it summer already?

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>I was only pretending to be retarded.
I wasn't gonna get involved in what looked like the beginnings of an obvious shit storm, but you can't seriously be new enough to believe that this excuse still works, right?

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>Implying I'm OP
Let me just tell you something. Just because (you)'re samefagging, doesn't mean everyone else is

And the Pic had lightning in it so it was related and had nothing else to do with Trump or Pence besides having A face shopped on it. But go, continue explaining that you're a hardcore fa/tg/uy who's fighting for /tg/'s purity by shitting up perfectly good threads because they offend your sensibilities. We all totally believe you noble warrior. Maybe later, you can show a screen cap of this to your Reddit friends, showing them how you BTFO'd those Drumpf-supporting fascists on a Laotian underwater-basket-weaving forum.

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>If you don't hold the names of X number of stories with Y traits in your head at recall at all times for just such an occasion, your point is invalidated

Not even him but that's pretty shitty arguement desu, especially considering that if he had just listed the names verbatim from the site then your argument would have no ground to stand on.

Sorry people don't find your "damsel in distress is secretly a strong, independent, woman who don't need no man" routine fresh anymore.

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>I-I'm not Carnac, I just use shitty, unpopular bits of Lore haphazardly shoved in to justify why people should respect Chaos!
Carnac has transcended beyond the boundaries of a mere autistic and has become a state of mind. And Whatever bits "But GW said so!" you bring up only furthers my point. You are still a faggot shilling a shit faction and neither of you will ever be respected by the fanbase. Now run along and play with your Warp Spawn.

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If that were true you would just hide and filter elf threads, like everyone else does with threads they don't like.

Instead you are here, throwing a tantrum and trying to reverse years of collective memery by whining about it and insulting the people who disagree with you like a child, thinking that this will somehow convince people to side with you and disavow the meme. You are as triggered as a minefield during a stampede.

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So you mean the world isn't run by anyone but that instead, it just runs by itself with events being influenced by the actions of important people and big groups of smaller people? That the Planet and what happens on it are too vast and complicated for even those major players to truly appreciate everything goes on?

So basically, it's just like real life?

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I don't need to reach to state the truth Anon. Even Trayzn can be taken more seriously than Chaos.

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Nice drawing, Traitor. Did you make it yourself because you can't get any real pussy, or was it just the first blue-board picture you found lying around in your giant Tau fetish porn folder?

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>not knowing the difference between a switchblade and an assisted-open

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