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It was high day, the sun was burning when a zul-nul scout reported a strange force approaching. Armed Praetorians stopped the Gorrirogs. There were about 60 of them, dressed in unusual armor. They had come from a region that was previously known to contain the "kingdoms". They travel on foot, or by strange wheeled boxes pulled by desert ramels. in wheeled cages they have various races, many not seen before by the Zul-nul. Kwagos, Pusmal, Koburrog, even suzumo. behind the cages stretch long lines of individuals bound in heavy chains or ropes. They are dressed in rags or not at all. Other carts contain supplies, jars, and more. The Gorrirogs all wear a peculiar armor and at the forefront two carry large banners with metal crests at the top, trailing by red cloth streamers.
Within short order it is made apparent these Gorrirogs are from something called the Legion, and they represent Odrinnius. All of this is unimportant to the Suzumo. The Warriors are traders, and they show what they are looking for. strange rocks with shiny flakes (metal ore), shiny crystalline rocks, they also want food, water, and slaves. Interestingly enough, they will trade slaves, raw metal, weapons, livestock, leather, and knowledge in exchange. What do the Zul-Nul have to offer?

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