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Hello there /tg/

I am an Imperial Guard player, that seems to be lacking wins, and I am coming here in high hopes that some of you fellow 40k players may be able to give me a few general tips and tricks for playing at the Guard

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Ok /tg/ I'm collecting an Imperial Guard army and I need to know the benefits.

Now before army lists go all Veterans/melta-guns/Chimeras on me I would like to know about the "other" unused units.

You obviously don't need to say all at once, just pick a choice and tell me what works

For example... Servitors... how can these be good?

Also are Penal Legion too luck based?

Etc. Anything will do

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>opponent plays armor heavy army
>suddenly gunships
>gunships everywhere
>wasnt that fun?

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critique please!

750 friendly IG army

-Company Command Squad - 142pts- CC upgrade bolt pistol, Regimental Standard, 2x vet snipers, 1x Missile Launcher Team, carapace armor, Master or Ordanance

-Platoon Command Squad -62pts- sarge w/ bolt pistol and power weapon, 2x Grenade Launchers, 2x Flamers

-Infantry Squad -57pts- sarge w/ bolt pistol, 1x flamer

-Infantry Squad -57pts- sarge w/ bolt pistol, 1x flamer

-Veteran Squad -82pts- sarge w/ bolt pistol, 2x flamer

-Elites: Guardsman Marbo 65pts

-Dedicated Transport Chimeras - 55pts

-Valkyrie Assault Carrier -140pts- Swap for 2x multi-rocket pods, 2x sponson mounted heavy bolters

-Scout Sentinel Squad -90pts- 2x models upgraded to auto-cannons and camo netting

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I've heard that somewhere there's a Catachan Valk special pilot. Is this in one of the Imperial Armor books, and if so, which one?

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Sup /tg/

So I'm currently working on my imperial guard army, and I had a few questions.

I'm going to be attempting to get 9 leman russes for my heavy support choices, with that in mind, do I really need standard infantry platoons, or should I stick to Veteran Squads with Lascannon HWT's? I don't want to overdo the infantry, and I will either be mounting the squads in Chimeras or Vendettas anyway.

TLDR; are Veteran Squads good enough with their options, or should I take standard infantry platoons?

pic unrelated.

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