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Let's have a general thread for this underrated game. Discuss rituals, characters, plotlines.

I'll start it off. I'm planning of running a game for my friends, set in the up to the minute present, in NYC. In the book, it mentions that The Sleepers wiped out the occult underground society of NYC back during the nineties. The PCs are all going to be 90s kids who are just about now hitting autonomy and diving into the occult underground. Because of that, they are all going to be self-taught for the most part, but there will be some mentors available. My question is, how viable would be a party mixed of adepts and avatars be? What do I need to know to run a really good game? Any suggestions for any plot hooks? I don't expect the PCs to stay in the city for too long, and I think the Temple of Satan would be a good first cabal to put them up against. A bunch of dweeby metal-heads who start messing with something bigger than them sounds a good way to really dip the PCs into the underground.

Bumping with some demon pictures for a while, until this thread gets going.

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Alright, so I would like to humbly request pics which fit any of the following criteria.
>Humanoid monster, approx human height and build. Carnal or possibly bestial look. The only thing it MUST have is legs which terminate in sharp, pointed feet. I can explain why if you guys would like.
>A diseased or corrupted looking wolf. Nothing too major.
>A corrupted looking human from Austria-Hungary, circa ~1850. Preferred loose skin around the face. Not sure what someone from Austria-Hungary should look like, but neither should my players, so if you've got a generic peasant, that works as well.

Ill dump more images, one ever 5 minutes, and to be fair, I will respond to any requests to the best of my abilities.

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>>Ninth demon
Lust 3, Gluttony 1, Pride 1


Passive Vestments: The host's body becomes flushed with an unearthly chemistry. She exudes a potent, heady scent — pleasurable to those around her. Due to it, she gains +1 to Social rolls, and +3 specifically to Seduction rolls. In addition, the Possessed may consume poisons and toxins up to a Toxicity of 5 without feeling any ill effects. For poisons with more potent Toxicity, simply subtract 5 from the Toxicity level to determine its new rating. Meanwhile, her own blood is lightly poisonous, with a Toxicity score of 2. Even a drop contains the maximum dose of venom.

Cruel Ambrosia: The host begins to lactate a sweet, fragrant cream. This milk is a drug that, when consumed, simulates the effects of a potent hallucinogen. In addition, it’s addictive (see the Addiction Flaw, p. 218, World of Darkness Rulebook).
This Vestment costs 1 Willpower point to activate and its effects last for up to a scene.

Excite: The Possessed can create an artificial sense of arousal even in the most dangerous of circumstances, increasing blood flow throughout the body of those surrounding her. Increased sensitivity and blood flow are most unwelcome for characters who have been injured in a fight, as they feel pain more acutely and they weaken as their wounds seep blood. When this Vestment is activated it affects any wounded character within five yards of the Possessed. If a character has suffered even a single point of lethal damage, his wounds begin to bleed. Blood loss causes 1 point of bashing damage each turn and cannot be stemmed by any form of mundane first-aid. Wounded characters are also more acutely aware of their injuries; any wound penalties are increased by 1 die penalty.
This Vestment costs 1 Willpower point to activate and its effects last for up to a scene.

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ITT images which have inspired campaigns, enemies, heroes, pretty much anything in your games. In other words, images that inspire!

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I always had this dream concept for a video game where the player starts out as a badass marine responding to an outbreak/portal to hell/supernatural hullabaloo in an isolated location. At the start of the game, you'd be at your absolute strongest, loaded out with all of your weapons and full ammo and armor and a bunch of other marine teammates. The draw would be as the game progressed, enemies would be become increasingly tougher and more dangerous while ammo, health and armor become more and more scarce until your character is basically helpless.

It would basically be an elaborate troll for fans of modern shooters.

Bumping with horror as an apology for non-/tg/ rambling.

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>But we only have 6 detention levels in this facility.

That you know of.

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Here are some more, because I love you

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How would you do a Mage/Hunter crossover? Wouldn't the powerlevels be fucking absurd? A Mage with 2 dots in Space can gather intel much better than anything a Hunter could do, and combining that with with the combat abilities of any Mage who enhances Matter, Forces, or Fate can be stupidly potent.

If you could reach an accord among your players, then things would be cash, but it'd be re-fucking-donkulous if even one player actually figured out how to busted Mages can be. (Pic related: a Mage with 3 dots in spirit can bring a bad boy like this to uttely wreck the shit of an opposing NPC, bypassing combat with an LOL, IT FIGHTS FOR ME answer

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Sure is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in here.
Not a bad thing though...

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Well I gotta go gents. Nice to see you writefriends come out of the woodwork like that, hopefully someone will take over dumping for me, but if not what you guys wrote already is awesome.

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