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He's serious.
He's also just annoying, and makes a shitload of Marty Stu characters specifically to be edgy.
Like, say, the Traitor Guardsman who kills an Eversor in a fistfight.
No, I'm not joking.

The only thing he's made I like is this, for pretty much the opposite reason he made it.
That kid's going to grow up to be a Judge, you watch.

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Not much of a comic, but a nice picture (although sadly the artist is completely batshit, like /pol/ condensed into a single, angry russian man who poses as a woman)

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>I meant tax evasion so extreme that it borders on heresy and not even the imperial police can handle them.
That's sort of not how the Imperium works. The Imperium levies taxes/tithes on Planetary Governors- the Governors then collect the required resources themselves. So the only 'Extreme tax avoidance' the Imperium (and its institutions like the Inquisition and Arbites) cares about is failure to pay a planetary tithe. Plus, the Arbites aren't the 'Imperial Police'- each planet has its own police, and the Arbites simply enforce Imperial Law (like planetary tithing, fealty to the Sector Governor, no trafficking with Xenos etc.) and can prosecute any crimes against representatives of the Imperium (e.g. the Administratum, Scholastica Psykana, the Mechanicus). In US terms they're vaguely like the FBI, whilst each planet has its own State police force.

The Imperium will intervene in planetary matters if it looks like they'll render a planet unable to pay its tithe though, so something like a widespread refusal of all the Noble houses on a planet to pay tax to the Governor would probably count, but that's more of a borderline rebellion than tax dodging.

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>It isn't. The Imperium is an Empire thats why it is led by an Emperor. It isn't fascist. It isn't right wing durr jesus camp.
But.. it is. The whole point of the Imperium is it's an amalgamation of as many terrible governments as possible from Stalinist bureaucracy to Feudal class systems, synthesising Theocratic intolerance and Fascist purity and nationalism, and with typical British irony they're the best hope for humanity.

That's why the Tau exist in a slightly wobbly niche as they only represent the few types of terrible government the Imperium doesn't blob over, the utopian, all-absorbing cultural hegemony that seeks to remake people into 'better' citizens (as opposed to the Imperial ideal of purifying the existing 'better' traits of mankind that it takes from fascism).

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Tell me about it.
My Arbitrator has killed so many people with his shock maul it's insane.

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I'd imagine the Burninator is a TV show.

And yeah, there'd be TV or whatever the future equivalent of it is. Gotta keep those quadrillions of plebs entertained and subservient somehow.


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I don't acclimatize well, and start telling people that the Emperor isn't a god.

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Would it be /tg/ relevant to discuss designs for a Total War (styled game/mod) based on 40k?
At it's simplest, it would resemble Dark Crusade/Soulstorm's campaign modes with a moderate reduction of crap.

Territories would be worlds or parts of worlds. The populations would be at base 'Imperial' with conversion to other sides resembling the TW religion mechanic. (Infestation with chaos/nids/orks breeds unrest. Eventually territories can 'flip' and revolt, then the new owners would need to quell imperial rebellion)

Combat would resemble table top 40k: brief skirmishes of varying scales representing key conflicts in regaining control of worlds.

Obvious issues: Flipping to planets other factions would effective reset the planet entirely. Unless you were, say, chaos/tau/dark-eldar, who would enjoy human workers.

Fluff accurate vs game balance? How do you balance an army of Marines against IG in this kind of game? Would all imperial forces be one solid group? (fuck no)

Blah blah. Idea is yours now.

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>uch as the ecclesiastical structure of the Adeptus Mechanicus and why their worship to the Omnissiah isn't considered heresy by Holy Terra
The Omnissiah is an aspect of the Emperor. Problem solved. There's a lot of different ways people worship the Emperor, so it's not a huuuuuge problem...

There's minimal actual detail on the structure of the mechanicus beyond the broad divisions- Tech-Priests and Magos are the two main ranks, with Magos generally knowing more about things and spending time doing more research-like or philosophical things whilst the Tech-Priests do the day-to-day work. There's also Explorators, who are less restricted and seek out Archaeotech on crusades, and Lay-Members who are largely undocumented- presumably basically being workers educted in the rituals of some technology but lacking the theology, like chief mechanic at a factory or something.
>wouldn't I need to furnish this with actual encyclopedic knowledge?
Emphatically no. The setting is generally quite loose and vague with a lot of variation across the galaxy. Get the thematics down pat, the neo-feudal mysticism and so on, and run with that.

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Spheres of totalitarian control:
1. Politics
It's quite obvious here, really. The Imperium's nobility are the only ruling class, with hereditary membership, of course.

2. Society
The Imperial society is atomized. The only unifying factor for its citizens is the Imperial Creed, and their workplace. First one is obviously desired as a means of indoctrination, the second one is a necessary evil and any guilds, syndicates or trade unions not in accord with the government(read not owned by the nobility)are eradicated on sight.

3. Culture
The Imperium controls its artists very strictly, only partially because of Slaanesh. All art needs to be sanctioned by appropriate Administratum officials, both its theme and style being evaluated. Desired purpose of art is propaganda,(strongly)suggested motifs are war and religion, as well as "slice of life" tales(of brave men doing their duties, of course). New horizons, beauty for its own sake and sex for purposes other than reproduction are a no-no.

4. Economy
Things an average citizen eats, drinks, sleeps in, wears, and so forth, basically everything in the market, is surplus from the supplies for war effort. A planet's industrial output, for example, will not be used to generate profit until the Black Ships are not filled with an amount of goods matching the requirements of tithe grade. Apart from that, it's pretty free-market(as much as you can get "free market" when it's the political elite who owns everything).

5. Private life
As said before, the aim is to make average Imperial human alone. Propaganda encourages distrust and paranoia, and the citizens are constantly on watch from the Arbites and the Inquisition, which they hold in absolute terror. Myriad regulations are enforced, regarding even the most basic aspects of human life, such as whom to marry, where will you spend your entire life, or what are you allowed to eat.

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further bumpage.

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>I don't need to play a game to imagine languishing in a corrupt, hopeless system. I can get a cube-farm job for that.
It's pretty much direct parody of standard sci-fi tropes of 'in the future, everyone is equal', 'progress solves everything', 'technology solves everything', 'hope and idealism will save the day!' and so on. I don't understand why you'd play 40k or like the setting if you didn't appreciate this parody; why not play Starfleet Adventures or Star Wars: Saga Edition?

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...do they make "Satan and his Fallen Angels!" action figures for you to use with your Archangel Michael And His Flaming Sword set? Not even in America.

Also: You don't need models for heretics. Heretics could be anywhere! Anyone! They could even be your parents!

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