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To all who are receiving this transmission, the Imperial World of Tanyia has fallen. Only a fifth of a once full battle company and a few squads of Catachan Guardsmen remain in the capital building along with the wounded Planetary Governor. The remaining women, children, and elderly are now with me in the generator rooms helping me send this message along with preparations.

A few weeks ago, we had discovered ships belonging to a centurion feline race. They came on unnaturally sleek crafts shrieking "Happy Tail". Soon we became engaged in battle and they used Warp trickery to ensnare local PDF forces and some of the populace to their side. None of the stationed Catachans betrayed the Emperor and died fighting, or worse, was captured alive. The Commissars did all they could to execute the traitors before being torn apart. The few survivors we had saved are wounded badly but still fight on.

For days and nights we have held onto the Planetary Governor's palace with the Governor himself donning carapace armor and wielding lightning claws to fight the foes head on.

Through interrogation and help from our Librarians, we have discovered much to our horror and disgust that we fight a foe that wishes to assimilate humanity and the galaxy to their heretical race. They have already converted the traitors of this world and now we are left to be torn asunder, or worse, turned against our will into one of them and lose not only our humanity, faith, and purity, but our souls as well.

Now outnumbered and on the verge of defeat, I shall overload the plasma generators after we draw in the enemy and take them out with us.

For those who are receiving this message, prepare for battle and scourge this new foul Xenos race for they are coming for us all. Warn all you could and do not allow these creatures, these ABOMINATIONS to succeed. I hear them now. My brothers have given me the signal.

Ave Imper-


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"Computer" better be a fancy way of saying "two cans and a string", son.

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