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Back in my WA days, I made a friend online. He was really good... at almost any race. His favored was the IG, though. I remember what he told me once. "If the game has gone on long enough where I can roll the enemy with my tanks, the game has gone on too long."

Obviously this was competitive 1v1 and 2v2 I'm talking about. Almost no games should hit T4, most will end in T2, MAYBE T3 if it's a skilled 2v2 match.

Your point still stands, though. But a good Eldar player will never let an IG get to T4, haha.

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hey /tg/
I just bought the Only war Core rulebook, my first foray into the world or roleplaying. I have, however, hit an immediate snag: i don't know anyone that i can play with. (all my mates are either too "cool", too impatient/childish, or too dumb to play). So my questin is this: is it viable to try and play online over a forum or skype?
As i said, I'm a RP virgin, but i've played 40k fr a few years and know alot of the fluff, so i like to think i'd pick it up quickly.
Anyway, any help would be apreciated, i'll dump pics in return

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The requisition point's in trouble!

I can't be the only one who liked Guardsmen/Guard announcer in Ret as much as the hammy McNeil Guardsmen

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Sup guys, I've been wondering about something.
Is there any Warhammer 40k cadences?
I feel like there should be SOMETHING for IG at least.
Been jogging and thought it'd be fun to sing some cadences with my friends.
If there's not then let's make some up.

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Imperial Guard, because I like the idea of ordinary soldiers using shitty yet conventional looking weapons and meatgrinder tactics against advanced aliens, monsters and daemons.
And also because I fell in love with them since Winter Assault. Scott McNeil's overacting may have played a part (though more reserved Cadians in Ret are pretty cool as well).

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will bump with pics for a while anyway, till the thread slowly dies a death

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Maybe make it valuable to a shady Inquisitor who wants to capture someone alive, or maybe make it only one or two hives fighting. Planets can have about a dozen hives, and a fight for one will be hell, especially if all the PDF group up there, to form the basis for taking over other hives. The regiments show up on time to deal with it before it goes bad.

If I was GMing, I would make a point out of no body knowing who started all this crap. Is it the governor? Or is it something worse?

And finally, to answer your original question, I'd say for a single Hive City, yeah at least 100 Regiments, all infantry in a Hive. With good military logistics, this can be less.

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Anyone up for watching some DoW2? or is it too vidya for /tg/?


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Just got my copy of Only War after reading the pdf. Holy shit this looks like fun. It's going to be my first time being a PC in a 40k RPG so I'm really looking forward to it.

We haven't made our regiment yet, but I'm leaning toward making something like a scout-sniper weapon specialist. Looks like it'll be pretty doable (except tech-use will be expensive as balls for doing demo), but I'm more focused on coming up with the concept for his personality.

My past few characters have been instigators who attempt to lead in some way, so I wanted to play something completely different. I want him to be very pious, but not in a full-retard Tallarn flagellant kind of way, and not antagonistic about it to the rest of the squad. He believes in the Imperial religion, attends services, and subscribes to the more submissive aspects of Imperial Dogma (questioning orders is a sin, bartering for more supplies than the Officio Munitorum dispatched is heresy, etc). His faith will be the source of his motivation, and how he copes with the bullshit I'm sure our GM will put us through. He realizes not everyone is as much of a believer as he is, but he won't hold it against his squadmates, as he'd probably think that nobody who's giving their life to serve in the Emperor's Imperial Guard could truly be a bad person. I figure this gives room for development as this naive outlook is hopelessly shattered when we inevitably meet some psychotic CO or rival squad, and he'll adopt a more personalized version of the Imperial Creed that rewards personal agency in the name of the God-Emperor.

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Cadia is an exception.

Most worlds have to ship their Regiments out to find the big wars that need wining.

Not Cadians. They just have to wait for Abbadon "my top-knot isn't a compensation I swear" the Despoiler to beat, bribe, threaten or scam the other Tardlords of Chaos it to getting their shit together for this Long War thing they are meant to be fighting.

Cadia has little distinction between PDF and Guard.

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Guardsman reporting.

I never kissed a girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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I'd probably go with something like >>22896009 said. I think Rising Tempest had a battle with friendly hordes in it where you had turning points which were like machine gun emplacements or something. Depending on how many turning points you won marked the outcome of the battle. If you want a large scale battle you could do something like this. An elite kill-team wouldn't probably be used as line infantry. They could be taking out artillery, scouting, marking positions for airstrikes, etc. and resolve the large battle accordingly.

Now that were having a Deathwatch thread, what do you think about bolt weapons before and after errata? I've been using pre-errata so far, but I strongly feel I should start using the new rules, the heavy bolter being one factor.

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Oh, well, that's pretty cool.

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I'm running a DH game and one of my newbie players is a guardsmen. He's a little quiet and hasn't really gotten a lot of the "spotlight" because of it. What are some good ways I can draw him out of his shell and get him to RP more?

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My CO told me that they smell funny and are bad shots.
So no.

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Let us know when you bite the dust so we can hammer them nice and proper-like.

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You know what? No, fuck you and whatever you're blathering on about.

I know why in the Emperor's name we are here. Clearly your world has signs of a strike force of Tyranids. They are a strange species, lacking in the Hive Mind and apparently having their own intelligence.

This is the first in all my years spent serving the Imperium that I have ever heard of Gargoyles naming themselves.

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Lemann Russ is my favorite Primarch, and by extension Space Wolves my favorite Space marines, solely because they named my favorite tank after him.

>Guardsmen are better than all.

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that was a good start but yeah i want the numbers of combat effective troops, notes from the unit medic of walking wounded we could press as required , also moral and food/water we might be here awhile

clam down green ranger lets keep trench between us and any arty

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Oh god, my sides. Why can I see this going poorly for everyone?

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