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Should probably get my friends to watch this with me

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The sun burns. I leave the tunnels, and the sun burns. White light, beating upon my head like fists on a drum, driving out thoughts of anything but escape.

The storyteller says that it is a curse we must bear, for we are the children of Cain. She tells of a time when the sun was as gentle as the moon, and our tribe walked the lands above with nothing but stars as our firmament. Back when our homes were felt tents instead of soft loam and wooden caskets. When our food was bread and wine, instead of splintered bone and rotting marrow. Before we were driven beneath the Earth-mother's skin, and warped in her image.

I do not trouble myself with such things, nor do the others of my caste. When the sun falls and the others eat, my kin and I do not follow. There is work to be done, for we are not alone here, in the tunnels.

There are other things, older things. Those which even the earth has forgotten. Things whose blood runs cold and bitter upon the tongue, and whose bones are strange and harder than cruel iron. They are dead, like us, but with time and starvation even the shape of men has been lost to them.

They are mad with hunger.

And they never stop coming.

Ours is not the un-life of stolen feasts in the graveyards of men. That is the life we buy for those above -- a tithe we pay gladly every night. We grow gaunt with hunger. We grow wearier with each battle. But honor, and cruel necessity, demand nothing less than victory each night. We owe it to those we have sired upon this earth.

To save our children, we eat the dead.

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Little green ghouls, buddy

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Lovecraft had the best ghouls.

They were such bros.

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I spent all of 7 second typing "Ghouls" into google image search.

A lot are really cool.

Here, have a pack of goblin ghouls after sufficient time has passed to rot their fucking noses off and the fever distorts the FUCK out of their skeletal structure.

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Inspired by Ursang’s charge and the brave Workers following him your Warriorbloods push forward not wishing to be outdone by their smaller kin. The going is slow, and violent, several Ghouls get between Warriors and score deep wounds on their legs and stomachs before being slain by the Worker at their backs. The far right flank pushes with them, protecting and emboldening them.
One lucky Ghoul manages to cut deep enough to sever a Warriorblood’s artery with a long claw. The Warrior, knowing his time is short casts aside his sword and charges full bodied into the incoming undead. He falls beneath the tide, claws and fangs slaughtering until he can breathe no more. Thanks to his sacrifice the other Warriors make great strides into the gap created.
Ishap’ti throws out more beams of light, burning away a few undead but mostly just setting them ablaze in their wild charge. While the fire means little to your Warriors, the Workers take the sight much harder. They flounder again, falling behind the Warriors. Again Ursang inspires them into action, bravely slaying from the front, without fear.

>Ghouls are thinned, sure to break soon
>Scouts are in peril of being over-run
>More undead wound Workers as they are overlooked
>Have Workers climb the trees, assist the Scouts!
>Push harder, break the hoard!
>Stand, let them crash against us!
>Order your Scouts to flee
>Push right flank
>Push left flank
>Push middle
Pick 2, 3d100 with your choice

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Abomination. With a chopping motion your lowest Scout motions to the others and the pack moves silently into view of their prey. The ghoul bends to take another mouthful of rotted flesh just as the lowest three of your Scouts strike. Obsidian spearheads rend through the flesh like a wet sack and dig straight into the wet, muddy earth. Its chest rent with spears the Ghoul snaps its head around to the closes Scout, jaws snapping on open air.
It should be dead! Abomination. Rotten jaws open wide in a keeping cry when they cant reach the flesh of your Scouts. Its horrible wail continues til a Scout caves in most of its head with a stone. Your Scouts dash its skull in a few more times to be sure before snapping their heads towards the young saplings. Movement, lots of it, and the same keeping yowl that was heard before.

>Flee to the Trees
>Make haste low to the ground
>Stand and fight

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Look at all these zombie and skeleton plebs and their hilarious bickering. Ghoul master race reporting.

>bestial cunning while remaining loyal
>like zombie dogs except better
>from Arabia, Arabia gave us algebra and medicine, checkmate
>sometimes have conscience for you neutrals out there, or another torture doll works
>claws are metal as fuck

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I dunno

Which one has more meat on them?

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I got no silver or decapitation-worthy items, and my home is a single room, meaning I ain't got shit in terms of maneuverability.
My best bet would be to stun him with my Kung Fu then take a bite out of him.
>If you eat vampire flesh you will become a monstrous, flesh-eating ghoul.

It's glibbering time

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That's not an incubus I think it's a ghoul, also this is now a ghoul art thread, why? you might ask because ghouls are cool and inucbi suck dick in both senses of the world.

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I want to run a session of VtR set completely underwater. What are some reasons why vamps would explore a lake/coastal are/river? What would make for some good encounters? I also need the rules for making a homunculus.

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Or go party hard in the Dreamlands with the ghouls. I hear it's nice this time of year. Though that of course depends on exactly how the Dreamlands work.

Ghouls all round would be pretty keen on helping out when shit gets real. No more people means no more dead bodies to eat.

There was a scenario in one of the Africa books about a bunch of ghouls who were essentially setting up a human farm in the walls of this vast cave in preparation for the End Times. Pretty cool idea, but terribly done.

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