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This is how I Thrallherd

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This is how I Thrallherd

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This is how I modern setting PC

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Different rebellion. Great image for a PC class.

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>tfw Chaos Space Marines are finally better than another 6E codex

The only good bug is a nerfed bug!

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First game? Well, in that case make sure you build something quickly for them to get into it - toss them into something immediately, I presume you've got their characters by now? Use that anyone of them got an enemy? Time to get fucked.
I'd suggests something like a huge battle, or brawl - toss in that sweet early action, especially great if you've got new people to teach them the system - and get everyone in gear. Use this action to set the tone of the campaign.

Example: Want it quirky? They're fighting an over-the-top silly circus owner and his merry group of street performers pissed at the local guards for ruining their performance. More serious? A local group of builders did not get payed for their time constructing the city walls.
They are pissed of all the nine levels of hell and are tearing up the local scene - make sure you get them the chance to talk and express their issues - use starving kids if you need to. Its also advices you use this time to create an reacquiring place - perhaps its the town square or perhaps the local bar - etc, the idea is to create something that is recurring that saves you time describing it to much - and lets characters know where they are.
It also creates a safe zone that allows them to relax and get into character - allowing you time to see how they are reacting and if they are enjoying themselves - feel free to use the three-line NPC to aid in the conversation if you feel its getting stuck.


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You head towards Angelina - but not before giving Nikkobar the worst glare you can muster up. He's a heretic, and you hope your glare manage to hurt him somehow.
Stepping across the dining hall you you a quick glance outside - the sun is reaching towards the sky - and the shimmering light filtered in casting a warm yellow color over
the sides of the room, reflecting of the white tables and benches bolted down into the checker patterned floor. Angelina looks up at you as you slide down next to her, already
with your spork out and scooping up the "mashed" thing, its like most food on the planet - quite good. "Morning Schulte" she says, putting down her slate on the table
"Trouble sleeping as well?" you shrug at her comment before answering: "I guess, awoke early, been tossing a lot tonight - think its the practical, they still haven't told us
anything at all about it have they?" Your friend runs a hand through her hair with a sight before shaking her head and answering: "No, just that we'll be away for a day"

>You scoop another spoonful of mash, chewing away.
>Your alone with Angelina, what do we do?

>Eat in silence.
>Ask her about something(Specify)
>Tell her about something(Specify) (GM note: She knows about the Tech priest)
>Glare some at nikkobar


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Greetings /tg/ - How do I into RPG combat?

I am currently DM'ing for a group of wargamers that I meet in my new FLGS, now the group is great, potentially one of the best I've been in for years - but when I DM I am usually very low combat, to put it in perspective they are running a RT campaign and we're five sessions in without any trace of combat to speak off(to be fair they've not even left their starting point yet) - now when I do combat I usually draw the shizzle on a ol' piece of paper and be done with it, or if its shorter combat phases just do it narratively (You're standing X amount of meters from the X and Y) however as mentioned they are wargamers and I want to give them the opportunity to get some more tactics in on the field, drawing it on a piece of paper might work but I'd find it hard to create several levels of a building for instance and I'd work through papers like a admech clerk that found a new pattern for a printer, same if we where using the blackboard at the FLGS (which I am already dedicating to a drawing of their ship with locations marked out to keep track of crap)

So /tg/ how do you group handle RPG combat? Tricks and tips to get more tactics in on the turf?

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This is how I Cultist Leader

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OP is a pretty cool guy.

I dig your vids on youtube, bro

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In a few days I will be messing around with computer hardware.
So I guess I need some cool chants to Omnissiah to whistle while doing my work.


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How do you play an evil character without either being a saturday morning cartoon villain, or 2edgy4game levels of I EAT THE KING AND WEAR HIS FAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE TO DINNER.
Ever played an evil character /tg/, lets hear about them.

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I like the sudden change in tone when the protagonist contemplates the sun, in an otherwise bleak story you've painted here. I think it would benefit the story if you'd focus on establishing the personalities of these characters more, especially in a short vignette like this. You could explain their emotions and reasoning for their reactions during the dialogue part, for example. A minor quibble - you don't need the part "...in the middle of war torn Chechnya", since it's been already established in the very first sentence where the characters are.

Anyways nice job, I wouldn't mind reading more about their adventures!

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You turn to Angelina after stuffing your face with another glorious spoonful of the food, before after chewing for a good while to make sure you've manage to get all flavor out of the "food" tell her "See the big oaf over there? That is Nikkobar" "Who?" she responds, perking up, following your gaze. "The big oaf over there, looks like a servitor gone wrong" "you respond, jerking with your chin in his general direction, trying to be discreet about it, she giggles slightly "He's a bit overgrown yeah, what about it?" "He's a big oaf, watch out for him, I've had to break his nose twice already..." you turn away from Angelina for a moment to shovel another spork of food into your mouth, also taking the time to correct your seating slightly - your dress is not very comfortable to sit in at all.. you're begin to wish more and more you where in something more comfortable.

"How did you manage to do that?" she responds, her eyebrows shooting in the air, "He's huge!" she continues, sounding a bit impressed. "He's slow, and a oaf" you reply "I heard he once tripped down the stairs fumbling over his own feet.." she turns to look at him again, clearly trying to make sense of your word as he sits down a table away from your, his back to you now but you get the feeling he knows you are there...

"Anyway, stay away from his he's a total jerk"

>What do we do now?

>Continue to chat
>Talk about Food.
>Talk about her plants.
>Talk about not being a lady anymore.
>Ask what she knows about the Schola.

>Share info.
>Schola history.
>What the silvery woman told us.

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I always presume it was a joke image

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Forgot a pic of what I assume this party is, except in the Bronze Age.

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Guys, the Turks are getting a bit...cultist-y.

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