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It's ok man, it's ok.

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You know, considering how the Callidus squad we sent for to support us for the Ruri misson keep going on about the Blessed Lady, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that something like half the Officio is compromised by cultists.

And I can imagine the officio descending into civil war as we have to purge the cult.

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A horrible monster girl quest game where we are just normal people. It's pretty fucked.

I figured it would be smart to make a character whose greatest and only skill was running fast and/or evasion. DM figured it would be smart to send monster girls which naturally run faster than a human possibly can.

Cue insane chase scene where pursued by centaur-girl in heat. In my defense, I thought trying to play the straight man character was a good idea. Then again so did everyone else, they just weren't as fast as me.

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