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Haha GREENTEXTS, I love them OP, this one is my favorite, it always makes me laugh, lol

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Someone requested Sir Bearington?

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Hey /tg/ was wondering if I could get a little assistance. Heres the sitch:

>buddy's bday
>we want to throw a surprise for him

We are going to set up a DnD 3.5 birthday thing and we want to have a ready-to-go campaign.

Can anyone recommend a really good pre-made campaign that we can use to just jump in?

I've never used anything pre-made before so I've never looked into anything, but we were hoping that we could find something that might last 4-ish sessions (in case we want to continue into the future) but a great single-session thing is fine too (if there is such a thing?)

Any recommendations for a particularly good one are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm breaking out all the stops for you, OP. I think I'm going to be headed in the same direction soon. I love her to death, and she does, too, but we've both graduated college, we're both nurses, and we want different futures.

Here's an oldie, but a goodie.

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Sure why not.

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