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>WFRP 1e has the Grand Provinces and Elector Counts a certain way
>WFRP 2e, tabletop, and so on change it completely to the modern understanding
>WFRP 1e had the legendary The Enemy Within campaign, but the last two parts get completely rushed and derailed and fizzle into nonsense
>WFRP 4e brings back writers from 1e, who decide to re-do TEW and replace the last two parts with better versions
>in doing so, they decide to retain the 1e Empire and use TEW to set the stage for the modern interpretation as fallout
tl;dr Helmut Feuerbach isn't an Elector Count yet, but will be. The same is true for a number of other facets like Marius not being Elector Count of Marienburg, Middenheim and Middenland being rival powers, and vassal states like Nordland not being a Grand Province.

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A good example of this is the provinces and electors. Almost all of this is copied directly from The Enemy Within, with the caveat that the electors, ruling families, and provinces will shift considerably by the end of the campaign. The implication is that modern GW is trying to make Warhammer into a more cohesive setting, where "Oldhammer" is 2512 and "Latehammer" is 2522.

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That's what they're doing in 4e.

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To be fair, the provinces in Warhammer are a horrific political mess no matter the time period.

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So get this: they're remaking The Enemy Within for modern Warhammer, but KEEPING the 1e provinces and elector-counts, with the hint that by the end of TEW the Empire's geopolitical borders will look like what we've come to expect. Gnomes are back too, complete with an explanation as to why no one sees them.

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