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Uh, I was about to post that exact same picture

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Your tired, dead beat. You want to sleep. Actually, you've wanted to sleep for ages. Your body simply won't keep moving like t his for much longer. Finding a nearby tree you collapse hard on the ground, groaning in pain as your side flares up again.
Still the ground is surprisingly comfortable, letting your head fall back against the old gnarled tree that stands guard over the river you close your eyes, trying to find sleep. Its first after about half a minute you realize your hand is gripped so tightly
around the boltgun that your knuckles must be turning white, trying to relax you slowly loosen your grip around the piece, almost feeling a sense of longing from it before you drift into the land of the dreamers.

You awake what feels moments later to the sound of someone shouting at you. "Oi!" "'Ey, lil girl!"

Opening your eyes, and being assaulted by the burning intensity of a hot star you are forced to look away, the sun is up - and the world seems much brighter, the clouds in the sky (what little you can tell from behind half shut eyes) bright white.
"Oi, you - ye be livin over thar?" turning to the sound of the man you notice a man - or rather a group of men standing on top the deck of some manner of boat. Waving their hands at you "Oi, you alright?" their clothes are simple,
and the equipment of their - boat is an odd sight to see, several nets, rods with strings and hooks. You also notice the river is much larger then you'd anticipated while asleep.. at least thirty meter across, you sure are happy that you did not try and swim..

>How to we respond?

>A: Yea! I need help!
>B: Just taking a nap! Be on your way!
>C: I demand you take me to the scholia!(Brandish gun?)
>D: Run. They are adults, and adults are mean.

>E: Other.

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You're wrong, OP. Techpriests can gain psychic power through the Wyrdling mutation or through the Ordo Sicarius Initiate career rank (from Daemon Hunter, my personal favourite sourcebook) or through heretical augmentations.

The reason tech-priests don't have much access to psy-powers is the same as why Battle Sisters don't have access to psy-powers: tech-priests consider psychic tech-priests to be heresy.

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You fish out your personal spork from your inner jacket pocket - the shiny piece of metal is another keepsake from your time amongst the stars, and you begin to scoop up the food - its.. mostly like you remember it - fluid, filling and mostly tasteless, which is fine. You play around with the consistency for just a moment before swallowing and turning to talk with your dinner partner: "If you don't eat, you won't grow strong!" you state, parroting your uncles saying between scoops of food. There is a slight static sound - and some of the priests words seems warped, as if he's tuning them into your range of hearing "I forgave the need for food a long time ago, the spirits feeds me now" this surprise you - you've never really heard of a person not needing to it.. but, then again he was a priest, for a moment you fancy asking him how they do it - but you've been around adepts enough to know they like to keep secrets instead you try and skirt the problem by asking: "You make this static noise, what is that? Is something broken?" there is a silence before the adept leans back slightly - his shoulders lowering in a very human manner before he answers - and while emotion is drained from him you could swear he sounds a bit taken back. "I guess that is what it sounds like to your ears - I am speaking Technolinga with my brothers over the vox - it is more efficient then words"

You cock your head to the side - interested. "Can I learn it?" The red clothed man shakes his head "No, it takes years - and much prayer"

>Your still eating.

>What do we do?

>Finish food, leave.
>Ask something else(specify)


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Femannon here.

Been curious about these games for a while, but too concerned about ending up as the only woman in a chat call with super creepy mouth breathers.

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Feel I've gotten a bit of topic to be fair but guess I'll do one before my quest starts, enjoy!

>Personal log of Lord Artistant Rin'mon Gabriel Pernuff

My continual annoyance with 34652:Gamma/13 have been the talk of the upper hive for quite awhile now, it would indeed seem that its latest escapades when sneaking out of the holding area resulted in quite a stir after it decided to attempt to construct a large sign for a "nightclub" name "The velvet glove" we can only presume it wished to construct some manner of military refreshment station - perhaps its not a combat but support droid? Never the less, I meet it this morning as I usually do to take its readings - and see if the Omnissiah have answered my prayers for its spirit to resume some semblance of sanity, sadly just like normal it would attempt to remove my robes, or grind up against my optical mechadendrite in continual spasm - regardless, my day continues and it would seem "candy" have decided to accompany me today again, I cannot ask it to leave - for its spirit is blessed but I truly wish the Omnissiah would deem fit to fix its locomotive systems, as it keeps clinging and humping at me whenever I stand still for to long, is this divine arguing for me to work better?

I must meditate on this - if 34652:Gamma/13 will allow me to sit without grinding into my lap for five minutes.

>Note to self: Find out why there have been an increase in male applications of acolytes to my sanctum.

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Nevermind, I don't have shit, live in ignorance and suffering, OP.

The colored female-techpriests I have are a near-zero number. None of them are blond.

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>What do we do?

It was a loving fuck off.

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Make it into an explorator engiseer prime onbord a rogue traders ship perhaps - not done any real deep thinking of it, possible a tech priest attached to a regiment.


Not following any active quests, chugging through the archives to catch up.

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You sneak up on the already powered cognitator, peering over its lush, green screen smiling slightly to yourself... turning around to John you give a quick series of hand gestures, to which he stands like the oaf he is.

Nearly face planting in disappointment you mouth "Sta-n-d g-a-ar-d" after a silly and rather drawn out moment he catches on, gives you a thumb up and begins to look around for the servitor...

Hoping that John is clever enough to keep things of your back you jump into the cushioned chair before the activate cognitator - hoping someone of higher rank then yourself had activated it.




Please enter your authority code



Welcome PASSENGER-02013, You may proceed.

>Open Case file: 102:ad;eb;24:Sh keyword: "Besvir"

>Input accepted...

>Besvir, three alternatives found.
>Planet: Besvir
>Hero of Lanraluk wars: Besvir The Great
>Imperial Besvir-III-Pattern reinforced boots.
>Planet: Besvir
>Input accepted, please stand by
>Segmentum Obscurus: Sector: Gillimas Subsector: Adelorum, System: Rakriuam, Planet: Besvir

Planet Function: Military junktion/staging ground -
space port.(Hive world)
Government: Lord Imperial governor: Ralak'tal III
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Terrain: Wetlands
Gravity: 0.95 Imperial Standard
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Length of Day: 15 Imperial standard hours.
Length of Year: 255 local day
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Temperature: Temperate
Population: Inestimable, records outdated pending Administratom review per article 13.41:A
Starport: Massive Imperial 19:131:STANDARD

>Additional information restricted
>Requesting input.

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I've got some pics.
with techpreist robe

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From spiders to christiany, I love you Teegee

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Well fuck you then, my good sir of questionable heterosexuality.

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You should all kiss and make up.


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