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Okay, just answer this. Would ANY of the other loyalist Primarchs have attacked Prospero without explanation as Leman Russ did? Yeah yeah I get it he saw a ghost on Nikea and was like "this couldn't possibly be a ruse!" I get it. But even having had that happen, would Dorn have simply tried to kill Magnus and not tried to get an explanation? Gulliman? Sanguinius? The Khan is probably the most savage and warlike of the loyal Primarchs, and he's the one MOST likely to try and confer with Magnus about what was really going on!

I can *maybe* see Lion doing it because Lion's so autistic that he'd rather genocide a planet than have an uncomfortable and complex conversation.

Other than that, though, Russ is the only one. Because Russ is the biggest douchebag.

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>The ancient super empire fell long ago, but its artifacts are still around

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>The world is made out of four elements: air, earth, fire, and water

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