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Fuck, dude

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>Not one but five creatures named "Something'Something"

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>doing a solo run with my DM
>Be escaped elf slave
>Novice wizard
>keep running into this same guy
>powerful wizard
>wants my help stealing a magical-enhancing substance from the nobles' manse nearby
>go to warn the nobles of his plans
>dude finds me underneath the bathhouse
>tries to convince me to help again
>still nope
>attempts to break into my mind and force my cooperation
>hit the roof with a spell, water crashes everywhere
>barely escape
>hunted by the nobles for fucking up their bathhouse
>hunted by dickass wizard
>hunted by slaveowners I'd escaped from
>decide fuck it, need more power
>sneak back to manse in all of the chaos
>try to steal the magic-boosting shit for myself
>dickass wizard finds me
>tries one more time to get me to join him
>fuck I said no
>lunge, grab the boosting shit
>become godlike briefly
>also go insane, lose control of my actions
>smite dickass wizard
>blow through all of the nobles
>wreck a good portion of the town
>wake up back in the bathhouse
>dickass wizard had successfully broken into my mind back then
>everything I had experienced after that point was an illusion to test whether or not I could be convinced to join him

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Here's my experience with siege weapons.
>Playing Skulls & Shackles module
>Plugg and crew get blown the fuck out
>Plugg starts swimming
>Get on one of the small ballistas that are attached to the ship
>Would need a roll of 19+ to hit
>Roll a total of 19
>Ballista has a crit range of 19-20 x3
>Roll to confirm
>Roll a total of 18, +1 from that one trait that increases rolls to confirm crits by 1
>GM doesn't want Plugg to die just yet so he says to pick a limb
>Off goes Plugg's right leg
Then we spent about 15 minutes arguing about the odds of surviving in shark-infested waters with a freshly-missing leg.

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>eleven lines of text

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...ramming the tank backwards into the wall. The entire tank shudders.

"Gah! Watch the velocity, almost hit my head on the bulkhead!" yells Bekowski.
Lucius ducks into the tank, and closes the hatch. "Yeah, I'm staying inside..."
"Uh... sorry, wrong pedal," Ophilia mutters, "-Focus-, Oph; enthusiasm like that'll get you killed..." She tries one more time to get the venerable tank going.

And she ends up spinning it in donuts.

"Maybe we should have Vathrek drive..." sighs Bekowski.
"Yeah, Vath, ya wanna step in here?" Lucius implores.
"I cannot respirate," Vathrek states. Amusement is evident in what is left in his flesh.
"What in the living fuck!?" yells Wolfhound.

Ophilia is beginning to panic, and Vathrek and Lucius both begin attempting to remind her how to drive. She attempts to control the tank once more.

Finally, the Glaive responds to her commands, stops its horrific spinning, and finally surges towards the fight.

"Now, let's go purge the alien!" yells Bekowski.

Cresting the large hill, the Qadeshi Outriders fire their guns, hootin' and hollerin' as the battle for the Tau central command center begins in earnest. The Glaive advances, the armored fist of the Imperium leading the fight.

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>Want to run/play Wild Talents
>Get ORE and everything just fine
>Can't figure out how the fuck the powers work

Oh my God I think I'm retarded

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>mfw the thread is on autosage before I finished my short story.

Fuck it. I'll just wait the week. Hopefully I'll have another by the time the next WST gets posted Friday.

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>Many Drawbacks
>Too powerful

Make up your mind god damnit!

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I needed someway to save my town from the invaders.
>mfw I come back a master, and my town is a military camp of the new king

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I can't

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The part that made me say "Yeah fuck this" was when it turned into some kind of weird soap opera with a game console-girl pining for Pyro's dick some months after Largo took off

What.. what even goes *on* in that fucking comic nowadays?

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>Breaking Bad
>Gravity Falls
>Killer is Dead

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>Standard pauper

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Unsure if I have corgis. I shall look.

So anyway, our barbarian thinks this is pretty straightforward, so he decides to just go ham on this giant. First roll, a 1. Giant retaliates, gets a 5, 1 point of damage. Barb roll, 3, miss. Giant attack, 4, hit. Barb uses rage. Rage makes barb do double damage if he hits, lasts 2 turns, and then he has to rest 1 turn, so he's basically going all or nothing.

He rolls a goddamn 3. We're all flipping a shit at this point, since we think he's about to get his shit wrecked. Giant rolls, we hold our breath, a miss.

He rolls, he finally gets a hit! And his attack bounces off.

The collective "wut" of our faces made our friend running the game actually fall out of his chair laughing. The giant hits, our barbarian loses his 3 hearts. We're all shouting for him to revive.

Our barbarian looks at us, "I don't know what to do guys!" "It's no the strike, it's the heart! Something with that!" We yell. He looks at our runner. "Fuck! I attack him again!" He hits, again the blade bounces off, Giant hits. We're losing our shit.

The barb is silent for a moment. He looks at us, he looks at our friend who looks to be getting a little worried. I guess he didn't want to kill one of us off this soon. The barb sighs. He speaks up "I'm not exactly sure what the hell to do here, but goddamn if I'm gonna die here in this first room. Even if I have to die again, I'm gonna figure out what the fuck I have to do to kill this guy." He then looks at the giant. "I WILL kill you."

Our friend brandishes his shit eating grin and tells us the giant dissapears.

Our collective faces can only scream: "Seriously?!"

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Nat 1 climb, I guess.

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