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Dice are a pretty good example of what RPG mechanics need to do, actually. That is, create a gameplay element that somehow models the story, or at least doesn't make it harder. Dice do this extremely well, because if you're doing it right you should be using them as an information source. Yes, they may stop you from telling the exact story you wanted to tell; your responsibility, however, is to take the elements they gave you and try to weave them into an acceptable story anyway. Again, otherwise there's no game.

Now, personally, I agree that dice are a bit outdated. Technically, I'm pretty sure you can approximate any probability curve you wanted to within an arbitrary degree of precision with enough dice rolls, but most of them would require something absurd. Dice pools are actually pretty clever, I have to grant. But there are other ways of generating randomness - a deck of cards, for example, offers a generator that is dependent on previous results. There's surely something you could exploit there. And with modern computer technology, you're not even limited to models that are trivially produced by physical objects; you could construct all sorts of wacky curves (one that I like is a normal distribution, skewed right according to your skill, with an extra hump at very low values to represent crit failures and one at high values to represent crit success). You can even use weird sources of information to alter them; for example, you could have a Paladin sort of class that gets a divinely-inspired (randomly-selected) spell every couple of rounds, only which one is dependent on the distances between the paladin and their enemies or allies, so that one hanging back gets buffing and healing spells to defend their friends and one charging forward gets offensive ones to press the attack.

The question you have to answer is, "Why?" Figure out what you want your game to play like, and why that would be fun to play. What does your RNG offer that dice don't?

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>don't yall fuck up now

No. Of course not. We will most definitely not fuck up.

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Yeah alright that was a bad example

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monks losing to mimics

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Nat 20

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critical bump.

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Pathfinder and 4th Edition are both fine versions of D&D. I personally prefer 4th because system mastery is less of a factor (i.e., you don't have to know the entire ruleset back-to-front in order to create a decent character) and there are fewer trap options in character development (options that are dramatically worse than others but only obviously so if you've played a shit-ton). The main downside of 4th edition is that the rules are somewhat focused on tactical, grid-based combat; this doesn't mean that you can't do other stuff with the system (the skill system is actual quite well done, IMHO) but a decent chunk of the rules are geared for tactical combat.

So yeah. Just my two cents.

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Don't worry guys. We're not exactly a bunch of super-enlightened humanists with a social justice agenda over here, (I'm a papist dog, come at me infidels!) but we've also got no plans to actively demean women in our work with conspicuously and exclusively objectifying images on every bloody page, and no images that might give someone the impression that they can play a badass warrior woman anywhere.

Our flagship character is Sarah Gizka. I don't think any more needs to be said. I'll handle RPGnet personally when the time comes.

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>Still bitching about twilight
Nobody even cares anymore just stop talking about it and it will go away.

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this is how I nat 20

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this is how I nat 20

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What a critical miss on an inanimate object looks like

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