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One of the most interesting things about Exalted demons is that they all represent various aspects of a larger being, so their actions are a way for the Yozi as a whole to express themselves. Know of any characters from other things that could work as part of a Primordial's soul hierarchy, or otherwise behave like spirits in Exalted?

One of the examples that I've noticed is the Eldar's Aspect Warriors. They all worship Khaine the Bloody-Handed, the Eldar's war god, and are trained to fight in his image by embodying various aspects of combat. They only time you'll directly see Khaine himself is as a giant magma daemon wielding a sword of flame, but the Aspect Warriors allude to numerous other aspects of his mythology: how he ambushes from cover, how he provides artillery support, how he turns aside hordes of weaker foes, even how he avenges the slain. It's a rather interesting concept, when viewed through that lens.

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There won't be another exarch for that shrine, because all of the souls in the suit went into Karandras. The shrine that Korlandril became exarch of would probably disband, unless one of the members becomes an exarch and founds their own shrine.

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Shouldn't it be Shrine Dakkaface?

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This is over for now, I'll return tomorrow for maybe another chapter. Thanks for playing.

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>Face mounted dart guns
>Big-ass pistol + CQC
>"Subtle" ambushes
We full scorpion now

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The aspect war-mask is some of my favourite 40k fluff. Can I ask what source that greentext is taken from. I wanna read more.

Also, I'm half way through Path of the Warrior and is it just me that found it a lil annoying that Thorpe made the war mask something that isn't dependent on the helmet like it says it is in Doom of Mymerea? He builds up to the donning of the war mask so much and when Korlandril finally completes the ritual and becomes ANGRY ALL THE TIME I expected them to immediately go to battle. But instead they fuck off to a canteen and joke around and wait for ages until it's time for war with Korlandril only being a little fidgety. Not only is that such an anticlimax, it made the symbolism of the warrior/eldar duality so indistinct. The armour is supposed to be the warrior persona, their alter egos, so having them walk around war masked without their helms makes that vague.

Also, the exarchs can take their armour off? Why did Thorpe change that? He made it clear in an interview he was aware of that fluff, but chose to have it so exarchs aren't fused to their armour. Why do that? It undermines the symbolism so much and just seems like an unnecessary change.

It's still a decent read. Some neat stuff like the description of the shrines and the kung fu movie training montages.

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I was considering starting an Eldar army but I'm not big on their vehicles (fuck flying bases) so I'll be monitoring this thread.

I mainly like them for the aspect warriors and wraith units, can a competitive army be built from these?

My favourite aspect dudes are scorpions, fire dragons and warp spiders. I don't really care about clowns, banshees or spooky skeletons. dire avengers are ok, they're troops choice and I'd take them over bikes or guardians.

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Give me your skull making secrets and you shall live. Maugan Ra wants to know. It's either steal an inquisitor or go on another holiday into the eye of terror and this seemed simpler.

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holy shit why did I make striking scorpions my first minis to paint. I don't even know which parts of the model are parts of the model and not just resin fuckups I need to cut off. they're so fiddly and detailed to paint too, it doesn't surprise me that so many people just play space mans.

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Lol these are so bad

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>maybe they can't play with the aspects because they're wearing the wrong hats? you know hats are very very important in teamfortres- i mean 40k


>banshees need more then furious charge and you know it anon

I know, without assault transport they're fucked, but Furious Charge would have at least killed 2 problems with one stone; namely that the +1 initiative would help them assault units in cover, +1S would actually help them wound their intended targets and it would actually be fluffy for a unit characterized by the ferocity of their charges.

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Best Aspect reporting in. Prove me wrong /tg/

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I become a super-special Exarch of the Striking Scorpions. After tracking Arhra through the Webway for decades, I defeat him in an epic forty day duel on a Crone World as we both have to simultaneously fight a horde of Chaos monstrosities, all whilst upside down because the Eye of Terror is weird as balls. As he lies dying he hands me a box and whispers what is contained within - the key to Isha's cage in the Plague Gardens. He knew that he couldn't rescue her himself, so he has spent thousands of years waiting for a Striking Scorpion powerful enough to defeat him. Only then could he reveal what he knew and help save the Eldar race.

Knowing that many others have failed to rescue her, I don't go and seek reinforcements, but instead trust in my instincts (both of my parents were the most powerful Farseers that my Craftworld had ever seen so I know that Arhra was telling the truth) but carry on alone.

My journey to the Plague Gardens is long and perilous, testing my skills of infiltration to the limit, but at long last I arrive at the cage. Nurgle stands there at his cauldron, his back turned to the cage as Isha peers over his shoulder at the ingredients of this latest horror and writes them on the inside of her palm. I tip-toe towards the lock, timing my footsteps with the great clangs of Nurgle's Plague Ladle as it hits the side of the pot.

(more to come)

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You're not getting it. You don't hand power swords out like candy. Fuck it, go nuts. Give guardians power swords. Give it to rangers too. But that would utterly defeat the purpose of having a specialist army that gets the right components in the right places.

Also, the whole point of Scorpions is not to be like Incubi. Incubi kit themselves with as much as they get because they value total power and want to fight any strong opponents they can get near. Scorpions are team players whose strength comes from synergy with other units.

Once again, it fits the thematic of stoic discipline and dedication to an ascetic path vs excessive violence and lust for total power.

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How's that dead leader Incubi losers? Hope you're not slumming it too hard after getting fired from the shrine.

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>Implying all the fine exodite pussy doesn't crave our aspect seed

They're just so thankful we protect their fertile planets all the time that they build shrines just for dickings in our honour. It's the least they can do seeing as we safeguard maiden worlds, AKA the only source of Eldar birth rates.

Kill a little greentide. Get some sylph ass in return. S'all good when you're the BEST craftworld.

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Biel-Tan supplement when?

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Would probably take a knock as they'd lose their murder boner and be less focused. The mask of Khaine is basically a kill switch that makes Eldar go 'goodness look at the time it's MURDER O'CLOCK'.

I don't see their entire helmet getting knocked off though.

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