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>"Hurr duur, lets headbutt a horse!"
>"Hurr durr, lets headbutt a sword!"
>"Hurr durr, lets headbutt a ship!"

I propose a new topic:
Is there a shitty recurring in-'joke' in your quest which has been run to the ground and the players cannot simply let go of it?

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>digital exclusive

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Not funny.

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>Warband Native
>mercenary for the Brodoks
>questing for the lords to farm rep
>get mission to capture enemy troops
>no points in Prisoner Management, AGAIN

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3 strikes. I don't get the first one, OK, I can understand. Second one, kinda shitty, but still. 3rd? Fuck no. I jump ship and go over to someone at war with the fuckers. Worst offender? King Ragnar Bell-end himself.

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>they included a lot of Japanese stuff

Ahhh fffffffff- its Pathfinder: Weaboo Edition

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>dming campaign for friends
>low level
>they start a lot of fights
>one friend is always fucking around on youtube for epic battle themes
>always starts playing epic music for encounters against my wishes
>goddamnit dude its a bar fight

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Well, it's been nice knowing you all...

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Sure is samefag in here.

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ITT: Munchkins

Shit like this has never come up in my group's games. Jesus christ, stop minmaxing and just play the fucking game. I hate you all so much.

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Straight up stare him down, then hand him Elminster's character sheet (99 to all stats/skills) with a big fat red X through the whole thing.

Everyone rolls a 1 sometime Ed....everyone.

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I need to dig up my old Deathwatch Kill Team article from White Dwarf and read it so I can purge that Ultramarine heresy from my mind....

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god damnit...fucking weaboo shit

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Fuck this shit.

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Shit, switch the replies to the two posts, fucked up there. Damn.

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Is the 4E Monster Manual 3 pdf online yet, and if so, any one got a rs for it? Found one on /rs/, but I got trolled, as it was WoW rpg.

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>Deadliest Warrior

People actually watch that tripe?

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>In-game punishment for mispronouncing the unpronounceable Celtic god names

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