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As someone who beat Classic Ironman with a Mech Rush...

Dooo eeeet!

Mechs are best backed by squadsnipers and HEAT-heavies... Like everything in life.

Super-early mech (like, before that France 150 gold 1 engie 1 scientist, all-thinman mission) I find the mechs wind up through sheer armor values leveling much faster than regular soldiers because it's 16 hp vs 6 hp. Always rocketfist, flamethrower is a flashy trap, fist is infinitely-usable 2/turn usable 24-odd damage punt by endgame. And their Will gets a slight bonus as well, more mind control resist).

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Beat me, it's an amazing series and left so much character development undone.

>You will never see Adric's backstory
>You will never read the glorious pirate adventures of Fell's FIve

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Different anon here
>Should I?
>What would you compare it too?
Skullkickers, or the D&D comic series that this came from. Only with more blood ans swearing.

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It is nice.

Including the weapons? Gonna go with no if that's the case.

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I think its more that Elves are French.

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I would give /r/ more time but I'm in a time crunch so I'll ask if any of you have a link to download the d&d comic seen in the image.

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> Giant spiders ridden by Dark Elves
> Giant horned felines ridden by High Elves
> Elk and giant squirrels ridden by Wood Elves
> Raptor-like reptavian predators ridden by Humans
> Giant wolves ridden by Humans and Ogres
> Giant rats ridden by Gnomes
> Horses and camels ridden by Humans and Dwarves
> Kaiju ridden by Magic-Hating Mutated Misogynists
> Animated piles of semi-connected machinery and scrap metal ridden by transdimensional Yiddish space cats

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I played oWoD and D&D for 3 years before finding Pathfinder 2 years ago, and even then we always ran custom campaigns that loosely affected the setting. In a very recent trend, a few friends and I actually picked up the campaign modules instead of making our own. Legacy of Fire was the worst thing to ever come out of Satan's asshole, while Kingmaker is bro-central.

All in all, they could have done worse. It's like living in genera-fantasy but having acceptable fluff available if you play long enough. Sadly I understand most players, now that a few friends and I are out of college we can actually have stable schedules and play for longer than 1 semester. If you're still playing with people who have their schedules change all the time or have difficulty sticking to campaigns, Pathfinder can seem pretty boring.

All in all, it's a good setting for one-shots and long campaigns, but most campaigns are the middle ground where it just doesn't shine.

>Captcha: oiavanc fixed

Thanks, Oiavanc.

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What would dwarven/elven/(other fantasy race here) cuisine be like?

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it's pretty great.

I should also probably find somewhere to buy the real thing. Everything i know about it i learned from /tg/ storytimes, but I'd actually like to throw money such brilliance

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This is how I appraise.

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Khal is a fantastic fuckin' dwarf.

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Everyone plays D&D because it sells because everyone plays it because it sells because everyone plays it because...

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I have social anxiety, can I play DnD?

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Dwarven work!

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Very much.

Dwarven work /tg/ is.

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