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>Interesting style. This seems like.... anime in book form.
Wasn't the intention, but I'll go with it.

>Though with it comes a bit of the inherent confusion.
>What race?
An unspecified one. If someone else wants to expound on it, go for it.

>Who is he?
He is a racer in said unspecified race.

>Who is talking to him? Why? etc
A harlot in a window. Perhaps the racer just enjoyed her. Perhaps she just noticed and is worried. Perhaps she's just bluffing him.

>But the most pressing issue of it all....
>WHY WHY OH WHY does it have to be middle ages/madmax. Why horses?!?!?
Tombs for a long-forgotten people. Horses. Likely a collapse in one civilization and the rise of another, but without cribbing on the tech of the old people. And I was going for a straight up Wild West idea with just bits of supernatural in there.

In any case, another pic to contribute.

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Morning comes after the battle with the Yellowmaws, and the evening was largely uneventful, except for the brief sighting of Jon's. Given that Brent had noted that they are in Yellowmaw territory now, the three agree to get back on the move. With no sight of Yellowmaw or Thing so far, the three of them continue down the Road.

>Players can choose to play as Jon, Sara, or Brent. Once a player has chosen a character, he/she cannot choose another player for the session. Multiple players may choose the same character however, and choices are made by consensus. Please indicate who you are playing somewhere in your posts, be it in greentext, name, trip, or whatever.

>For more on the setting, please go here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=the+road

>Free action; make some conversation.

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About to run The Road tonight at 1900. Don't know if it will be weekly at this time, since it's a new quest and I'm still looking for a good time slot to hold a decent number of players.

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Yeah, though I don't know for how long. At least 1-2 hours, that much is for sure. May wanna wait for a better day for this.

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The City is a den of debauchery and escape, and unsurprisingly where most people live and play. However, the story does not happen there. Instead, it happens on a lonely, endless strip of cracked asphalt which starts in the City and stretches into the horizon. Reaching away from the glaring lights and artificial air of the City, the Road is where people seek a better life than that provided by the City.

However, the Road is not an easy place to be. Winding through a dying, dusty landscape, the Road is a place where dreams are followed and lives are at peril. Such proof lies with a handful of people of whom fate has decided to bring together:

Jon, a traveler on the Road seeking its end to confirm the stories of his murdered father. He seeks the End of the Road, a legendary place of peace and calm.

Sara, a girl whose brothers died in a storm, seeking a Home of the greenest green. She follows Jon in hopes of finding her Home at the End of the Road.

Henry, a lost soul who lived a hallucinogenic lie, but died to see the beautiful truth. He had joined Jon and Sara trying to heal himself from the scars of his life.

Brent, a man who is indebted to Jon the "Crack Shot" who had once saved his life. He returned the favor by helping save Jon and Sara from certain doom.


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Jon sees Sara, a young woman whom he had just met hours earlier, begin to faint and fall backwards, catching her in his arms.

>Yeah, we're safe now.

Brent pays back the favor he owes Jon from before, allowing the two to rest at his place within Dawnstar. The Road forward has only begun and they have already lost one to the many dangers that travel along it. The Road leads those who travel it to their fate. Sadly, such fate is especially grisly - Jon's father at the hands of Dapper Men, Sara's brothers to a freak storm that raged through a nearby town, and Henry from a stray bullet on the way to Dawnstar.

But there is only one way to go. Forward.

>And with that, I'm outta here for the night. Work and such in the morning. Never intended to turn this into a quest, but I don't see why not. I'll come up with a schedule for this thing. And more pictures to help out with it.

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