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By that point you're not even treating people like people. Just resources to be used and abused, or tokens to throw out and pull back like you're scamming a coin-operated machine. So yeah, I guess I'm just a moralfag. Plus sometimes a jump like Berserk comes before you can even do any of that, so what do you do then?

I'm sure I had something to say, but this only makes me think of that one Metalocalypse episode where the band summoned the Devil to make a deal to get talent for the Blues, but upon seeing the contract they bargained and rewrote it to instead be something like... a five dollar coupon for Hot Topic in exchange for 7% of the packet on the Devil's soul instead.

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I'd go for it

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>"Okay, just, just sit down and shut the *screech* up so I get this straight in my head. So you met this wicked god-thing, and it decided to send you on the most bullsh-*screech* journey every. Like, bathing in the blood of armies, slaying giant messed up horror creatures from children nightmares, snortin' all kinds of bullsh-*screech* from elf bones to dragon dust or whatever they have, and banged like, I dunno fifty or so hot chicks or dudes depending on the equipment you had? And after all that you still want to go through things and like, eat power or sh-*screech* lightning or whatever it is all these worlds do to you, and now you're here to rock it with us. ...dude. That's f-*screech*-in' brutal."

Well I knew you were taller than 4ft, but I couldn't remember by how much! I don't remember EVERYTHING after all, as much as I like to claim I do.

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Vague genre buffs based on your theme song of choice. Too many genres to list. You could put metal but allow for the person to add the subcategory themselves. Speed mental could increase your speed or something. Alternatively, you could add them all. Don't do that.

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I KNOW, RIGHT. But I can't do that. Sure I may be able to justify pushing one jump down a little at times if it's a huge hurdle like Terra Formars, but that's the exception and not the rule. For the most part my jumpchain is determined by when people come out with jumps.

See >>37817019. I generally go exploration and research when I can, and am actually loathe to take most drawbacks. I stop and consider what they'll do, how they'll impact my life, etc. Like with Evangelion? I ended up taking away the Sunglasses and the Magi supercomputer because I realized I SERIOUSLY DID NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH SEELE. Plus the MAGI is too fuzzy on whether it's a living being or not in regards to its processes (plus having cloned human brains in them). So yeah, that bit got removed and I'm only with a Neurosis.

I only really try to stack drawbacks in places like Tenchi, Asura's Wrath, Elona, those places. Places which have a near REQUIRED item for me to take or magic/tech to grab. It becomes a case of suffering, but one has to remember the long run.

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Hey, it's one thing to be turning myself into a demon for the aesthetics and because looking otherworldly is as awesome as hell. It's another to be in a situation where you gleefully lose all sense of empathy for other people and start seeing them as walking food bags who only exist to sustain you.

Seriously, fuck that way of thinking and fuck that kind of empathy loss. I don't mind taking a pint of blood to scan for powers or if it gives me a small copy, but actually REQUIRING to drink them to sustain myself?

Fuck. That.

If I'm going to take blood, it's going to be my decision and on my hands. I refuse to throw my hands up and let a jump condition turn me into a total dickbag who gorges on people. It was the same way in the Vampire: The Requiem jump (make a pharmaceutical corporation and just BUY a ton of blood), and it's sure as hell going to be the same way here.

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And thus we slowly align as the jumps progress. The thirst for knowledge, the eagerness to see what we can make...

With every step, opposites become similar.

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I know, I'm a faggot. I actually tried to give it a fair shake when I first went to /d/ but it doesn't work for me.

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This. Fucking THIS.

This Anon knows what the fuck they're talking about.

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So basically you either become a girl or you get warped into a tiny little guy. Smooth. I realize I'm not one to talk much due to my realm's penchant of changing people if they become permanent residents, but at least the choice is theirs on what they become. There it's being forced into either a political backstabbing contest of epic proportions, or being treated as more or less a sex slave who can't fight back at all.

No thank you, I'll be busy trading culture with European Lesbians and Magical Death Australia.

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>Well, this *is* /tg/. Arguing about games about arguing about minutiae is what the board is for.

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>So I would say Pathfinder's popularity is banking off the cries of people who are reluctant to change.
no shit?

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I've heard the same thing.

But you need some:
Laser beams
Body bag

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>Being fair, having a unit type that can't be hit by CC at all is technically something of a CC nerf.
True, but it makes sense. Though I reckon jump units should be able to try, albeit hitting on 6s.

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Well, first of all; you just got older.

Second is that GW has become less personal as a company, and has become a lot more lazy with their hobby and fluff department.

Third is that they have become predictable with their releases. Everyone gets their X-bawks huge monster now even if their army didn't really need it.

Fourth is that finecast fucking sucks and so do GW's prices compared to when you and I entered the hobby around the same time.

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Grab a bunch of the more BRUTAL chaotic evil gods. Done. Your main qualifier should be "Would Dethklok do a song about them?"

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Generally, I've found my favourite game in one of these though.

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