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Inquisitor Sternberg could see the panic and fear in the eyes of his men through the lenses of their respirators as the tortured city broke on the horizon. Great pillars of smoke and spores poured from its spires and towers, filling the sky with it's sickly colours and swirling darkness. Sternberg called out to the Valkyrie pilots to drop below the cloud line, lest the masses of spores further choke the life from the engines.

Only weeks before, this city on Aerius and its people had been a booming population, now it stood in utter silence. The Valkyries descended between the spires, engines crying out in protest of the tainted air. Spores clouded the Inquisitors vision, pouring from the creeping fungus and chaotic masses that seemed to cover every surface of the Imperial city. Below, bodies littered the streets; soldiers and civilians alike were huddled in the alleyways and frozen in their last moments of utter terror, totally consumed by the decay. Never had a plague taken a city with such speed or ferocity. Sternberg stood on the landing pad as the other Valkyries landed, looking down on the urban sprawl, surrounded by the dead.

Chaos or not, The Inquisitor knew here was no need to continue the investigation, not a single man, woman or child had survived the infection. As Sternberg turned, giving the order to return, so did the uncountable bodies of the dead spring to life and so did planet Aerius fall to Nurgle.

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I also RP a Plague Sorceror in the same setting.
I wont mind, they are bros anyway.

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Can you link me something about the mace?
Or heck just write what lore you remmember about it?
Would be very grateful so i can get into the spirit of it (also which novel if i may ask, if you recall).

Heh well see.

Seems hes on TC.

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Do you even read?

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Typhus is one of my favorite models. I can just imagine him striding through the battlefield, silent as death and imposing as fuck while people die around him in droves, wracked by the most horrible of diseases. Pity he's not very good on the tabletop. But then again, I play for flavor, fluff and fun so I shouldn't complain.

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Alright /tg/, I need your creative juices, in more ways than one.

My gaming group will be playing Black Crusade shortly, and I think I know what I want to bring to the table.

A gourmet chef. One that worships Nurgle.

One disgusting, fat blighter with a large iron pot and cleaver.

That's the basis of the character, but I'm stumped on everything else. I guess his goal is to create the ultimate dish.

This character will be a melting pot of of your ideas, /tg/. Ideas, mannerisms, famous meals/ingredients, toss em all in the friar and let's cook us up a character.

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The Pool of Nurgle – sanctuary of flies and maggots, breeding ground for tapeworms and holy place of all those amongst our men that had chosen to follow the path of Nurgle or simply felt the desire to give their praise to the Lord of Flies in their worship of Chaos Undivided. Each of the great Gods had been granted their own shrine on board our vessel, the “Evisceration of Soul”, a tactical frigate in the service of the ruinous powers of Chaos Undivided in the form of the Word Bearers Legion's sixth company, and that of Nurgle was without doubt the most elaborate of them. Basically a long, tiled hallway, it was dominated by the enormous basin in its centre which was not filled with water but, true to Nurgle's nature as God of Pestilence and disease, bile, vomit and excrements. Such was the nature of the Pool of Nurgle.
I had been in the service of the Word Bearers for a good six months now – as a slave to both the desires of the Marines and the faith of Chaos Undivided – and tried to avoid the shrine of Nurgle at all costs. Which was not always possible if I wanted to please my masters. Right now, I had been sent to retrieve the standard of Nurgle by our resident plague champion.
When I entered the Shrine of Nurgle, I was greeted by a cloud of flies and the hot, stinking air that originated from the basin. The room was empty, except for one of our sorcerers, named Zethus, who was known for his extreme cruelty and short temper, traits he shared with his brother Zethus. My heart stopped for a moment when he waved me nearer, but who was I to defy a Chaos Sorcerer's order?

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I always assumed it was female as well. Given that it's Blanche's work it can be a little hard to tell, but it looks like a fairly feminine body shape, especially around the legs and hips.

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Praise be to the Pestilent Grandfather! Bask in his presence, exult in his gifts, glory in his favor. Let him be your armor, let him be your shield. Let him take away the pain you feel.

Be of good cheer, my friends, for Papa Nurgle loves us all.


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Is this an /tg/ inside joke, or did he have a wife? i dont know nothing about it.

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Nurgle is a complete and utter bro, that's why.

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