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Hi all,

I am looking for a miniature seller that has dark ages - early medieval era miniatures that I can use as generic NPCs in my DnD campaign. I have checked out Perry minis and thought they had an impressive line of stuff, but most of their minis seem to be platemail-clad renaissance era soldiers.

What I am looking for is a seller that has guys in chainmail and light plate armours more typical of the dark ages and early medieval era.

Most models need to be human but some dwarves and elves would be great too.

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There are some nice historical knights that would be okay for Warhammer if not for scale. Perry Miniatures.

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I was thinking of something like this since I head Warhammer figures are more expensive than most. Specifically for the models, not the game so I'm not sure if /tg/ is the right place for this. Also I don't really understand the whole 1/32 1/6 size thing.

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