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What is my purpose
Now I remember
War is Eternal
I will wield this lance as though Vaul himself had forged it
You are our children, dead though we are, we will defend you
I do this for the living
Do not spill Eldar blood in vein
It must not reach the young ones
If you stop me, you must destroy me
They appear to be... praying
It seems that war is their religion and they wish to make their devotions
Curse your gods and die
Back creatures
It seems this body is not invulnerable
Their blows rain heavy
My wraithbone cracks my vision fogs
Strange... there is no pain
my sight in this world... dims
Something besets me but I cannot see it
One last thrust
My soul stone... please take it
Tell me of your craftworld is it beautiful?
I can no longer resist the call of the infinite
I return... to slumber
*Whale sounds intensify*


Why is the Wraithlord's lines so good?

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