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Obviously meant fat.

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Make sure she never recovers so that I can remain "regent" forever!

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The invisible sparrow kept circling over the Werewolf in the darkness of the night. It did not possess the advanced senses of the Wolf, however it did put a reasonable amount of trust in them. Uncertain where it was headed the sparrow kept following it, staying a few feet out of arms reach. Erik would follow the Wolf deeper into the marshes, however it would not make a move on it's own, what was the point of advancing when he was not aware of his own destination?

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>Name: Order of the Red Eagle
>Color: Red
The Order of the Red Eagle is an old Order of Knights watching over the Eastern Parts of Germany. Few know that the Red Eagle is only a metaphor for an angry god. For ages the by now ancient members of the Order have lived among their human people, keeping up the disguise until even now. Only few suspect them, though they have no hard evidence, unaware as to why they have been disguising themselves for so long.
Human Population & Spirit Knights of the Red God
[Advanced Weaponry] +10 to Combat Rolls
[Super Juggernaut] can be recruited
+2 Special Forces Armies
+1 Easo-Cat +4 to combat when deployed
+8 Super Juggernaut Army +5 to combat when deployed
>Metal: 19
>Food: 18
>Coal: 16
+[Energy Shields] Blocks 2 Missles before 2 Turn Recharge
+[Factories] +1 to building places
+[Advanced Factories] +3 to building places and/or things
+[Defenses] +4 to all Defense Rolls
+[Improved Defenses] +2 to all Defense Rolls
+[King of Mines], +2 Metal per Turn
+[Farm Land], +1 Food per Turn
+[Coal Mine], + 0.5 Coal per Turn
+[Beast Hide]
+[Electricity] +3 When doing things that have electricity in it!
+[German Scientists] +2 to researching almost anything
>Territory: 8

To do List:
1. Finish Juggernaut Improvement 4/5
2. Expand to Germany
3. ???
4. Profit

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Wow. I totally didn't catch the village people thing. I thought he meant change the backstory to where instead of rapey background, she was a carefully trained concubine who took pride in her work. So the following stuff would be more humiliating for her. With a gay group things would be really different. I don't know if that would be so fun for me. At least not the ERP portions...

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I posted >>26591824

I think we are looking for about the same thing. I'm very inexperienced and rather shy, so I'm kind of afraid to DM. I like to play female PCs and I'm also a femanon Doesn't /tg/ have a forum or chat channel for ERP discussion? Is that a good place to start or find games?

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I have a character concept that I plan on presenting to my DM, but I want know what /tg/ thinks first. The system is Pathfinder and I'm fairly new to RPing. I'm in my second campaign now.

>The character would be a vampire inquisitor who is a follower of Pharasma.

>He is sick of immortality and seeks to become a mortal human again. He doesn't want to die (permanently) as a vampire.

>In the meantime he hunts undead and puts them to rest. This is done without malice, it's a mercy.

>His coffin is a very large chest that he transports on a pack mule or something similar.

>Hopefully by never taking his armor off and having all his skin covered during the day he can avoid burning up, it's up to the DM if this is ok or not. But he will still have his vision affected by the light so he would take the blind fighting feat.

>I'm still thinking about how he will deal with his blood hunger. Suggestions are welcome.

I think the mechanics of vampires in Pathfinder might make it a little difficult, but by taking certain feats, fluffing some things a bit differently and maybe some mercy from the DM I think it's possible. Does /tg/ think this is mechanically sound? Is the character concept itself good?

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Uno mas.

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I'm about to run my first game of Vampire: The Masquerade and I want to take the piss out of the setting. I need ideas: what are some scary creatures for a coven of vampires to be at war with?

Ideas so far:
>Subterranean Lizard-Folk
>Merfolk (Creature from the Black Lagoon)
>Aliens (flying saucer/anal probing variety)

In my homebrew setting, the United States government is controlled by a secret panel of hyper-intelligent yetis, so don't hold back. The more ridiculous the better. Werewolves need not apply.

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Last thread:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueding.com/archive/22993240/

You go into the back and find forty arrows. You bring place them on the table as you and Toby set to work removing the arrow head and setting it finished arrow into the bucket. To make extra sure of not getting bitten you bath yourself in the holy water.

Ulric sneers outside, realizing what you are up to.

"I will return for you mortal, you will regret refusing me" he says, an instant later melting into the shadows.

Time passes and two hours later the sun rises. You are exhausted and bloody, but very much alive and your heart pumping.

You have until sunset to prepare for the next potential attack.

>Sleep til noon
>Alert the villagers
>Research everything you can on vampires
>prepare house for attack

Tried this earlier in the day but it didn't take off.

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Nosferatu + Unyielding Mask Merit = Batman

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Bumping with random pictures.

>vampires faction picture

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